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Do you have trouble trying to wrap molding around bullnose corners?  Bench Dog has a new product that can help. Designed to work with 3/4″ radius rounded corners, this trim gauge slips over the bullnose and indicates where each joint needs to land to get a professional-looking three-piece corner.

You can also nail Bench Dog’s bullnose trim guide in place and use it to hold the tip of the tape measure — which could come in handy if you’re trying to compile a cut list by yourself. Made from hard plastic, the gauge comes with complete instructions for use and costs $12 before shipping.

Bench Dog [Corporate Site]
Bullnose Trim Gauge [Rockler]


3 Responses to Easier Molding Installation On Bullnose Corners

  1. BigEdJr says:

    Oh sure…now you post this. I just finished a bunch of these corners a couple of weeks ago. Man that was a pain. I would have loved to have one of these.

  2. Rick says:

    That looks REALLY useful. Great design.

  3. Indentured says:

    Make your own with some scrap moulding you’ll be using. 3″ long legs, 5/8″ (short to short) center piece, but knock off 3/8″ from the top. That will leave you an area to mark the verticals. If you are doing the cut list solo, predrill holes for hand drive finishing nails to secure the jig when you pull from the notch.

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