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If your miter saw doesn’t have a digital readout, there’s no need upgrade to a newer saw. iGaging’s digital miter saw gauge fits in the blade slot and rests against the fence to let you set your angles to an accuracy of ±0.1°. Of course, it isn’t as convenient as a built-in gauge since you have to remove it before you can use the saw.

The digital display has a resolution of 0.05°, a range of ±50°, and a hold function. The body is made from solid aluminum and has an adjustable locking device to fit blade slots from 5/16″ to 7/8″.

A 2″ engineer square and a 3V battery are included with the gauge. Eagle America — the only place we could find it — regularly sells it for $50, but it’s on sale for $40 and $9 shipping if you use their cheapest option.

iGaging [Corporate Site]
Digital Miter Saw Gauge [Eagle America]


3 Responses to Digital Miter Saw Gauge

  1. DDT says:

    I love how they come up with such a great idea, and yet they follow through with it when it has such a big flaw. I’ll stick to my digital angle finder from Lee Valley, and trust the chop saw. The blade’s are out by so much of an angle anyways. That’s why there’s wood filler and caulking.

  2. Dave P says:

    not to mention that in woodworking, eyeballing a joint tight is typically faster *and* more accurate than trying to use a readout that defines down to a red —- hair.

  3. Rick says:

    Isn’t it cheaper to just calibrate your miter saw as best as possible then use a laser site?

    I’ve got an older Dewalt 12″ sliding miter saw. I put an Irwin laser on the blade arbor and calibrated the stops at 0 degrees and both of the 45’s. It seems that my trim work is pretty tight after doing just that.

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