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“Christmas tree” plastic rivets are the bane of a mechanic’s sanity. They grip like mad, their edges are nearly flush with the part they retain, and the heads tend to pop off when you pull on them. Fortunately, Snap-On’s A161B is the bane of Christmas tree rivets. It’s pretty versatile for removing any kind of plastic fastener, and does general interior work pretty well — much gentler than a big flat-head screwdriver.

Snap-On makes a bunch of different versions for specific applications. A161B is designed for GM cars and most imports, making it the most widely-applicable model. Unfortunately, this is Snap-On, so the price of this convenience is about $29.

Street Pricing [Google Products]

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6 Responses to Christmas-Tree Fastener Removal Tool

  1. Greg A. says:

    I’m almost positive I got one of these from Advanced Auto parts a few years ago for less than $10, seems like a rip off too me.

  2. Yeah, I got one for like $ 2.00 or something from a discount place. It is a no name brand and I have used it like 200 times and it still works fine. I think you are over-paying for the name. Some things are worth it, but this one is not.

  3. Lex Dodson says:

    Cheap versions of this tool will do just fine, you two are right about that. I’ve used the Snap-On version myself, and it just isn’t worth the asking price. It’s a blunt chisel with a notch, for crying out loud.

  4. Zeros says:

    Ah, panel poppers, the car audio installers’ best friend. I have a couple of these Snap-On panel poppers from back when I did installs and agree that any brand will work. They really are handy though.

    Here you go, $8.95 + shipping and does the exact same thing:


  5. Jeremy says:

    I ‘got’ one of these when I had a shop working on my AC in my MR2… When I got home, I found it laying on top of the radiator… Even says snap on… ha… works great, though

  6. toby says:

    Hey Jeremy….return the tool that the mechanic left behind!

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