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The CSPC announced a recall today of about 94,000 Sevylor tow behind tubing kits. It seems the “quick hitch” connector that connects the tube to the boat can snap, “posing serious hazard to users.” Not only may you come unattached from the boat at an inopportune moment, the CSPC notes that the manufacturer “has received one report of an occupant of a boat being struck by a piece of the ‘quick hitch’ still attached to the tow rope.” Doh!

The gear involved in the recall was manufactured between 2005 and 2009, and was sold at retail and department stores around the US. The list is pretty long, so check the link below to the full list and CSPC release if you suspect you might own one.

And watch your head.

Sevylor Tow Behind Recall [CSPC]


3 Responses to Tube Tow Behind Hitch Might Break, Bust Your Head

  1. Dr_No says:

    Yay, more posts by Chuck and Sean…. just like the good ol’ days.
    Any chance of a podcast too? They were awesome

  2. heywood says:

    well, if it was a bot and not a boy then just replace its cranial unit… ;-P

  3. ScaryFast says:

    I thought I broke my foot once when a rope snapped on one of these things. It snapped close to the boat and flew back, striking the bridge of my bare foot. Hurt like hell.

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