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Michael over at Oakland Ballistics wrote us with a question that we’re just going to have to forward on to you readers for the simple reason that they build things that throw heavy objects long distances — and we support that.

I am looking to make a tripod made out of 4×4’s and about 12′ tall. I am trying to find a bracket to bolt the 4×4’s into and just have it work. Do you know of anything?

Well, Toolmongers, we leave it to you. We don’t know of anything off the top of our heads, but we thought you might. It is in the interest of “science,” after all.

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11 Responses to Reader Question: Bracket Hunting

  1. Dano says:

    For those wanting to build one….

  2. John says:

    There’s probably a Simpson Strong Tie connector that’d work for him. Or maybe just use a bunch of steel nailing plates like used in truss construction?

  3. jeffrey immer says:

    it depends on how much weight it needs to hold, you may have to have one fabricated from plate steel depended on the amount of weight and torque put on to the joint

  4. Shopmonger says:

    Look at something from timber framer supply. They probably have something like what you need….

  5. _Jon says:

    Check with this guy:

    He *builds* them.

  6. JKB says:

    I had the idea of doing this the way they do in marlinspike seamanship only with bolts. I went looking to see if someone had already done it. This log hoist is not bad but might not be what is desired

    Otherwise, you’d need a pipe or other cylindrical center piece with angled brackets welded around at the proper intervals and angles.

  7. rjerryc says:

    What about those concrete blocks that have a steel plate bracket made right into them? they are used for building freestanding decks and such. Should be just the thing if they are looking for ground supports. Heck. they could even bury the concrete in the ground for stability.

  8. Al says:

    Look at sites for building children’s swing sets they have nice A frame steel brackets if its the top you are worried about.

  9. kyle says:

    have a bracket welded out of steel straps

  10. browndog77 says:

    My immediate thought was to make sure the 3 legs support equal weight if the load is suspended in the center. My suggestion is to use 12″ lengths of fairly heavy 4″ box channel for sleeves (thimbles), connected by hinges to a plate steel triangle just big enough to accept one leg/side. Similar to a pipe stand used for threading. A center hole would allow easy connection of a hoist, or hanging of whatever load you have in mind. The hinges would enable you to fold the whole thing up without disassembly. Some sort of stops would be needed to prevent the legs from going beyond whatever angle works best for your application. Good luck!!

  11. Cameo says:

    Then we cut the shape with a large jamb and chisels. For small parts, we make cutters of the desired shape from file files. We sand up the irregularities & Admiring the finished work! Right?

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