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Festool’s MFT/3 basic multifunction table looks like a piece of thick pegboard with some legs from a card table. It’s more than that, we think. It also comes with rails and a lot of options and accessories; however the $475 sticker shock that comes with it is a lot to take.

The folks at Festool call it “The Evolution Of The Workbench,” but the next generation workbench weighs 54 pounds. That doesn’t seem very “Next” to us. It does feature a 43 3/8″ × 28 1/4″ work surface, a 35 7/16″ working height, and can be folded up to 7 3/32″ thick for stowage, which is cool.

Our question is: what does this have over the Vika Twofold that doubles as a scaffold and runs about $130, or maybe a hollow-core door across two saw horses? What do you think — are we missing something, or is this a little on the steep side for what it delivers? Let us know in comments.

Festool [Manufacturer’s Site]
Vika Twofold [Manufacturer’s Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


20 Responses to Hot or Not? Festool MFT/3 Basic Multifunction Table

  1. Nik says:

    Like all Festool products, the price is 3x what it should be. It’s hard to look past that if you are looking for value. This table only makes sense combined with the Festool rail-guided circular saw; together they can almost replace a table saw for some people. The price of that combination is ridiculous of course.

  2. Forde Swan says:

    I just don’t get it – Festool has some nice products but their prices are ridiculous – are they that much better than DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, etc? I don’t think so! Ever see a Festool product in a contractor’s job box? Nope!

  3. PutnamEco says:

    Hot and Not, Hot if you have already invested in Festool saws, routers and clamps and are not really bothered by the price. Not if your going to use it on it’s own, where you would probably be better served by something like Kreg’s KKS2000 Klamp Table or the Walko work bench system or even the above mentioned Vika Twofold.

  4. George says:

    Looks like a great card table to use out in Vegas!

  5. PutnamEco says:

    Forde Swan Says:
    I just don’t get it – Festool has some nice products but their prices are ridiculous – are they that much better than DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, etc?
    No,purely monetarily speaking, they have SOME better features and engineering, The main difference is that they are NOT made in China by some one making the equivalent of a dollar an hour. They are made by people that earn enough to support them selves in western democracy, in a country that does not currently have a favorable exchange rate against the dollar.Most things manufactured in Europe are equal to or more expensive than things made in USA (bought an American or Swiss made watch lately?) Good luck finding that made in USA circular saw or equivalent system to the Festool, though.

  6. John Seiffer says:

    As a stand alone piece it seems “not very NEXT” and definitely over priced. It’s made to work with all the other Festool stuff (which some also call overpriced) but as a kit it’s definitely NEXT.

    A cheaper system (some say better – there are religious wars about it) is made by Eurekazone.com but there’s is not a stand alone workbench either. The benefit is using it as a complete system.

  7. Niels says:

    yes, the price is steep. but man is this a useful table.
    while it is too light replace my wooden bench for using hand tools- it is the perfect compliment for power tools and makes a great assembly table.

    With the guide rails and the festool plunge saw-it takes over where my sliding compound miter saw leaves off cutting wider boards or sheet goods. the versatile clamping system makes possible to quickly and securely hold pretty much any sort of workpiece while, sanding, routing, cutting, and assembling. just like every other festool product i have used it is surprisingly robust, versatile and a pleasure to use.

    i’ve been using mine for over a year and a half now and can’t imagine working with out it. if i had more space (money) in my small shop, i would think about getting a second and joining them for a larger working area. if i had one complain i wish it came in a larger size. It really would be nice if it were several inches longer and were at least 4′ long.

  8. rjerryc says:

    I’m still looking at how cheap and cheesy those legs look – like a card table, as previously mentioned. Sure looks like something I’d be afraid to sit on for lunch break – something would surely “break.”

  9. Dan Lyke says:

    I’ll chime in on the “hot” side of things, but I’ve strongly bought into the Festool system. As a basic table, yeah, go for the Walko or any of the various other stand-alone folding tables. If you have a Festool circular saw (or even the DeWalt or Makita knock-offs, although, oddly, they don’t seem to be really any cheaper than Festool), get this with the rail and the fence and its part of a package that lets you do a heck of a lot.

    Looking at the table in isolation is kind of like looking at a single bolt and asking if its cool.

  10. Michael W says:

    NOT for me right now.

    For my usage the Vika seems much more useful. I just can’t wrap my mind around buying a Festool at retail. I have used one of their saw/guide rails – sorry Forde, it was a contractor friend of mine and he did pull it out of his tool box 😉 -and liked it, but can’t spring for a new one while I can still cut most of my work in my shop on my Table saw.

    I do scour Craigslist for used Festools though and have narrowly missed some bargains.

  11. Mr.Miz says:

    Not… this is something they should throw in with the loan you have to take out in order to buy their tools.

  12. skillet says:

    NOT. it is a card table with a pegboard top.
    the accessories better be top notch for that price.

  13. Ben says:

    Telescoping legs would make us consider this. Everything by them seems overpriced, but there really are few comparisons to Fest products.

  14. allen austin says:

    I have used the Festool stuff for years now, all my other stuff ,what i used to think of as top of the line stuff went to the flee market.
    Try the Festool one time and you will know why.

  15. Andrew Chantrill says:

    I used to look at Festool kit in catalogues and like everyone else wonder how they could possibly charge so much more than other manufacturers.

    But one day I succumbed and bought their smaller rail saw, swiftly followed by the MFT and an CT26 extractor.

    Once you try their stuff it is hard to look at anything else; it is just so well thought out.

  16. Jon Clem says:

    I bought one. I built my kitchen cabinets before I found out about the Festool line of tools. I bought the TS55 Rail Saw, table, router and vac. Prices do not matter to me since my time and safety are worth more right now. How ironic though, because I was making my cabinets to SAVE money!!! Love the tools. All of them have stuff on them that make you say “wow, this really is well thought out”. I think I could weld with the cord on my vacuum from Festool.

  17. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!! But a useful tool. I mean that! Its really not a table. It really is a tool in itself. I am willing to pay money for quality, like festools routers saws and sanders.But a lot of their products are way overpriced!
    $500 for a drill bit set? c’mon………

  18. Damien says:

    Definitly hot !
    they called it “multifonction table” and that’s the reason why this bench is a way better than any other. Every Tools from the Festool House got their fonctions enhanced and improved as soon as they are used in combination with the table: more precision, more flexibility and of course more efficiency. For exemple, you can use the router on the side’s rails or change the classical guide rail with the LR 32 one. Block it and use the clamps to define the needed distance for all of your wood pieces and you can chain the drill-holes with the 32mm system.
    Those are of course little details but which make the difference when you use it as a whole system. Another good point is that Festool will always use their harmonised standarts, even for the tool of the upcoming generation. So an heavy investition, but it needs to be seen over years. Last but not least: “made in Germany” meens you get the best quality and engeenering in the world. Once you used their stuff, it’s impossible to get back to a lower quality but it’s definitly an high end product !

  19. Paul Kerfoot says:

    The MFT/3 Multifunction Table is not just a table but a very accurate and sophisticated clamping system. It’s designed to be used in concert with a Festool track saw and router. The $625 price is for the table with accessories and you will need a few extras in addition such as QWAS dogs and an array of clamps. It goes a long way toward replacing a table saw and folds up and hangs from a wall if you are space constrained (Most of us are). Realistically the MFT/3, track saw, router and accessories will set you back ~$2000. The track saw along with an extra 1400mm rail (It comes with one 1400mm rail) and two rail connectors is all you need to cut 4′ x 8′ sheet goods very accurately (try that on a table saw).

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