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It’s been a busy week here at Toolmonger.  If you’ve been spending time in the shop — you should! — and you haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this week, we suggest you start with these posts, which our readers helped to select:

A Guide For Smaller Pocket Holes
With Kreg’s new Micro Pocket Drill Guide, you can fit two pocket holes on a board as little as 1″ wide and 1/2″ thick. The pluggable holes it creates are 25% smaller than standard pocket holes, allowing you to use shorter 3/4″ pan head screws.
Drill Bit With a Ball Bearing Stop
Now here’s a good idea — integrate a ball bearing into a drill bit stop. When the stop hits the work piece, the bearing will stop and allow the bit to keep spinning: no marring, scratching, or burning from the spinning stop. It’s not a new idea: the Forstner Depth Stop we covered previously uses this, and now so does FastCap with its new Layout Drill Bit for drilling shelf pins for European-style adjustable shelving.

Turn Your Drill Press Into a Planer
Yes, we know that drill press bearings aren’t designed for sideways loads, but that doesn’t seem to stop companies from designing gizmos like the Wagner Safe-T-Planer. This rotary planer chucks into any drill press with a 1/2″ chuck to shave off up to 3/8″ in one pass.

A Rasp Made From A Bunch Of Saw Blades
Instead of raised teeth, the Shinto Saw Rasp uses high-quality saw blades. This open-web saw tooth design eliminates clogging, and its up-to-the-edge teeth allow you to get into corners where your normal rasp won’t go.

Editorial: Trucks and Practicality
We’ve been talking about the difference we’ve seen in the truck market this year. Even down where we live in the land of big trucks, it’s starting to change. I was walking into one of the local big boxes today and saw three lawn care guys jump out of this truck, pictured above. It got me to thinking about those same three guys a few years ago and what they might have driven then.

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