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It’s a verifiable fact that working with concrete sucks. The lifting and the mixing, followed by the pouring and smoothing, all while being rushed and worried that the mix isn’t right. I can’t think of much that’s physically more demanding and that has such a big potential for a hard-to-clean mess — which is why we tip our hats to reader Jmillerid and his new front stoop.

This had to be an afternoon of fun and adventure followed by copious amounts of Advil and a nap. In his caption Jmillerid tells us that this great-looking brick and concrete monster has 1,200 lbs of mixed and poured goodness in it. We cringe at the thought but will be the first to say that it looks absolutely great. Well done, sir.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


7 Responses to Flickr Pool: Step By Step

  1. Joel Spangler says:

    hats off to Jmillerid – these look great – every time i see these reader projects I think of something that I want to post… yet never do.

  2. Dave says:

    I’ve done enough concrete work to know I can do it, but it’s still nerve wracking.


  3. Bugler says:

    Woah–nice job!

  4. Old Coot says:

    Very nice job! Curious how the railings will be secured…don’t see any sockets in the concrete.

  5. joel says:

    Thanks! Not sure yet how I’m going to mount the railings… but there will be bricks facing the landing and bluestone treads when the steps are done. I’ll probably have to drill the bluestone and use anchors, or set the railings right into the drilled holes with mortar?

    ps- the 1200 lbs is just the 5″ deep pour on the landing…. god only knows what the whole shebang weighs

  6. jeffrey immer says:

    railings, who needs railings. excellent set of stairs. check that off the honey do list. and joel you should post some pics

  7. fred says:

    I’m assuming that you plan to top the landing off with bluestone too – to maintain the same riser height for you steps. While I remember many old jobs where we caulked in railigs with poured lead – we have been using anchored railings – using corosion resitant or SS concrete screws – for some time. It’s lot easier than embedding the railings.

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