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I knew nothing about machining 20 years ago. One day while I was browsing through a used bookstore I found a few used copies of “Home Shop Machinist” magazine (HSM). Looking through them, I knew I had to subscribe. Over the years they have published all manner of shop projects from building your own tools, modifying machine tools, and interesting and odd builds of everything under the sun. Projects they have been writing about lately include the construction of a grinding wheel balancer, a precision router table, use of a rotary table and a quick clamp. I’ve even written a few articles for them over the years.

Many of the articles are published over several issues, which can be a bit of a pain if you start subscribing in the middle of a series. Used issues aren’t cheap but they do come up on Ebay frequently (yes, I have a complete set). They also publish two other magazines, Machinist’s Workshop (MW) and Digital Machinist (DM), the former being basically the same as HSM but with more single-issue projects and more gunsmithing, the latter is primarily about home shop CNC. All three are worth subscribing to.

They have a nearly-complete index of past issues, as well as a great forum. A subscription to HSM costs $29.95 for six issues, MW $26.95 (6 issues) and DM $19.95 (4 issues).

The Home Shop Machinist, Machinist’s Workshop
Digital Machinist


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