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Cutting in corners can slow you down when you’re painting — plus the paint texture where you’ve cut in with a brush never seems to match the paint texture applied with a roller. In certain lights it can even look like different shades. The CornerEase roller from Hyde lets you cut-in corners using a roller for a faster and more even paint job.

Besides corners, you can use the CornerEase to paint siding and bead board, paint around obstructions like conduit, and even apply drywall mud. A V-shaped hub is what shapes the 100% lamb’s wool cover so it can reach into corners and grooves.¬†The handle also fits any standard extension pole.

You’ll pay between $25 and $30 shipped for a CornerEase Combo pack, which contains the roller hub, cover, and tray.¬†Replacement covers run about $10.

CornerEase (pdf) [Hyde Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Roll Into Tight Spaces

  1. Old Coot says:

    I’ve always used fairly inexpensive foam corner “wheel-type” rollers with good results. I’d like to know why this gadget would be worth a premium price.

  2. olderthanyou says:

    Doesn’t seem any different than the stuff I buy from the big boxes.

  3. Rob Retter says:

    1) Claims that it can be used for drywall mud, if mixture is watery. NOT. Just makes a bigger mess than usual methods and doesn’t apply well.

    2) Replacement covers actually run closer to $25 once you include shipping, cuz noplace that sells the tool stocks the covers, and very few places even stock the tool.

    3) Does work well for doing *lots* of rooms where all walls *and* ceiling are the same paint & color. Probably useful in context of doing many new housing tract houses or big commercial spaces in a hurry. Overkill for typical painting jobs.

    4) Difficult to clean out, doesn’t return to original texture even after thorough cleaning.

    All in all, a single-context tool that doesn’t stand out as really worthwhile.

  4. @Old Coot:

    You’re both right there are other products on the market that are probably cheaper too. I just chose this one to post.

    Thanks for the info.

    Replacement covers $14 at Amazon (Orders over $25)


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