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Apparently, like a router mat stuck on both sides of a hockey puck, the 3″ diameter by 1″ thick Rockler Bench Cookies will raise up workpieces, gripping both the work and the bench at the same time. The theory is, after you put four of these on your workbench and set your workpiece on top, everything is stable and you can work without needing clamps.

They come in a 4-pack for $12, and will be available in stores August 1st (available online now).

Rockler Bench Cookies [Manufacturer’s Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


9 Responses to Rockler Bench Cookies

  1. BarelyFitz says:

    This gets points just for the product name.

  2. russ says:

    I wonder how long they last. Looks like something worth a try for about $13.

    At least you can use them as coasters if they wear out.

  3. Kris says:

    The previous owner of my house apparently had a kid who loved hockey – I’ve dug several pucks out of the garden. Maybe I’ll keep on digging, round up 4 of them and glue some non-slip to both sides…….

  4. aaron says:

    yeah, these just came out and theyve generated some buzz. i guess they’re good for holding things down while sanding, finishing, etc. They say routing, but i wouldnt trust it for that no way no how. they are definitely not enough for hand planing… maybe scraping.

    other than for finishing i dont really get the point. a bench with a vise and dogs will be way better (also more $, ok, but you could improvise) and for stuff like sanding a roll of that puffy drawer liner stuff would work just as well for less cash.

    i wont be wasting my time or money. these will be on rockler’s clearance for 1/2 off by Xmas, mark my words.

  5. fritz gorbach says:


  6. Brew says:

    “i wont be wasting my time or money. these will be on rockler’s clearance for 1/2 off by Xmas, mark my words.”

    I disagree. I think they will be quite handy especially for routing. Problem with clamping to bench, or the sticky mats is that the router bit generally is taller than the board. So the board itself either needs to be above the bench (as these will do) or you have to route an edge or two, then unclamp the board and rotate it to do the other edges.

    and for $14 for 4 (or whatever they are) they are fairly reasonably priced.


  7. bob says:

    I’d use them.

  8. Keith says:

    To those who doubt their usefulness, check out the video of them in use over at the wood whisperer. Rockler throws up a router on them and they hold just fine.

  9. Jeff Bushway says:

    I used the bench cookies and I can say they worked great! sanded with my belt sander and it did not move! Ive worked for rockler over the xmas and we solded hundreds, hey aaron how about you try them be for you knock them.

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