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I’ve used nails, pencils, dowels, and even packing tape to try to keep my glue nozzles clear, and none consistently work; when I try to use them again, the tube is soft but the nozzle is solid. The Twist-n-Seal Stopper forms an air-tight seal on plastic nozzles by tapping threads in the malleable plastic. The threads will withstand 40 lbs of axial force so it won’t pop out. The glass-reinforced plastic plug is non-stick and is removed by unscrewing from the tube. The top is flattened to stand upright when removed, keeping things clean on your workspace. You can find the Twist-n-Seal at Lee Valley for $3.20/pkg of five.

Twist-n-Seal Stopper [Lee Valley]


7 Responses to Glue Stopper Keeps Nozzles Clear

  1. Jerry says:

    Since they are kinda cheap, they might be worth a try but I have, for years, just closed off the caulk and such with a wire nut. Just screw it on after squeezing the tube contents up to the tip so no air get in to dry the caulk or other stuff.

  2. Justin says:

    Why not just use a drywall screw with small threads? I use a 2.5″ fine thread dry-wall screw in caulk and glue bottles and it works great.

  3. Pat says:

    I just use a spare screw/nail and that usually does the trick. If I forget a screw usually suffices to remove the stoppage.

  4. Mike47 says:

    These look like great earplugs for the lower half of the gene pool.

  5. bob says:

    Used screws (they discolor glue, etc), read about the wire nuts here a while back; they work great.

  6. Anthony says:

    I use them and they are great with caulk tubes, but work very well with expanding foam sealant can straws. Made in the USA to.

    Yes, Americans manufacture these. What can you buy these days that cost you under a dollar, but saves you several dollars?

    I have a friend that uses them to temporarily plug the gas line on his motorcycle when he works on it. The patented threads work excellent!

  7. Willie Smith says:

    These Twist-n-seal plugs work great for saving foam sealant cans. There may be other ways to save caulk tubes but this is the only thing around that saves expanding foam sealant cans. I wouldn’t even buy the stuff until I could use the whole can but now I can do just a small job and save the rest for later. Its awesome.

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