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Scrapers are some of the most basic tools around, and like most other basic tools they can be used for almost anything. Automotive Tools Online has the Mayhew 4-Piece Carbon Dominator Scraper Set #60001 for $25.99, which isn’t too bad considering all the uses you can get out of them.

Scrapers can be handy for general shop scraping of gaskets, paint, etc., especially in automotive work. A good strong set of scrapers will help you get gunk, stickers, or carbon deposits off of whatever you are trying to clean up. They also work as pry bars to unstick things of a different nature like door jams or light demo work.

Also, if you happened to have received a “gift” the neighbor’s dog left you, these scrapers can help with that too.

Mayhew 4-Piece Scraper Set [AutomotiveToolsOnline]


One Response to Dealmonger: Mayhew 4-Piece Carbon Dominator Scraper Set

  1. fritz gorbach says:

    these appear to be about the same as the snap on carbon scrapers, which i do like(oh and check out the new snap on striking scrapers – excellent tools)
    but for run of the mill day to day home and work nastydirty…my favorites are a set of wood chisels from harbor freight, about 4 bucks on sale, can pound, cut, grind, sharpen, break, whatever, doesn’t matter. I always pick up a set o two when they have em in the coupon books.

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