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Did UPS just drop off another tool that you ordered because it was in a Toolmonger post?

This is it: time to come clean. How many of the goodies in your toolbox (or vehicle, or garage, or…) are there because you saw them on Toolmonger? Does saying “it was on Toolmonger” carry sufficient weight so that your significant other asks no more questions about your latest acquisition, or does it provoke an unprintable response?

OK, I’ll go first. Just skimming — I really did not want to dig into all my toolboxes, garage drawers, and vehicles’ “supplies” — I quickly found four tools I purchased after seeing them on Toolmonger. Plus I currently have eight Toolmonger bookmarks in my “To Buy?” folder (which also provides suggestions for birthdays, Father’s Day, and Christmas).

What’s your count?


24 Responses to Curse You, Toolmonger!

  1. Harry says:

    Sorry, you guys are usually a little late announcing tools compared to the gang over at garagejournal.com or any of my trade magazines. I would say nothing in any of my tool chests came from seeing it on Toolmonger sorry.

  2. David Bryan says:

    Sometimes I read stuff on here and it reminds me of reading band reviews by somebody who never went to see the band.

  3. Zathrus says:

    Quite a few here…. including the Stanley Fubar and demo drivers… I believe I saw the absurdly low price on the Milwaukee inspection scope here… quite a few others, but those were just off the top of my head.

    As for Toolmonger being slow — hardly. A friend of mine works for Bosch and whenever I mention some of the stuff TM has posted about upcoming Bosch products she’ll be surprised and say that they only got the info about it the week prior (or less).

  4. Dan says:

    Two or three items were “as seen on TM”, including the awesome digital microscope you posted a month ago.

    There have been many more “validation” moments when I saw something that I already have described on the site.

  5. Roscoe says:

    I’m with Harry & David. Nice blog, but too often it seems it’s aimed at someone who doesn’t really own or work with any tools to begin with. IMO, the internet is still waiting for the Gizmodo/Engadget of tools to arrive.

  6. Add me to the majority with Harry, David, and Roscoe… y’all aren’t really my go-to site for new tools or projects. But I do enjoy and appreciate the reviews and in-depth discussions of tools that I already own or that I’m considering.

  7. Andrew C says:

    I guess I’m not in the majority – seeing the information on welders at Toolmonger pushed me enough that now I have a flux core welder – something I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t see it here first.

  8. jeffrey immer says:

    i think the site is great, you have turned me on to so many companies i ahv e never heard of before, like Fast Cap, and Bridge City (i know what i want for christmas!!). as far as timlyness given my current living in a 3rd world country where today when i showed the nationals the slide screw finder i was on the same plateau as the guy who invented the wheel. but i love seeing the new stuff coming out, and add to my wish list, see other peoples projects to entice my own mind, and help others with problems that others might have faced before. i thought that was the point of a blog like this. i say personally 5 stars, you guys are great

  9. David Bryan says:

    I’ve bought stuff I read about at cooltools.

  10. Tom C says:

    For the most part I only get stuff I need. Though you guys have shown a couple things that I now have bought or asked for.

    The Bosch handle for jigsaw and reciep blades comes to mind:

  11. Jim says:

    I love the site, one of my first blogs I read daily. However, I research stuff to a fault and don’t buy a lot. But love to hear the new things coming out. I would say I bought 1 so far because of you guys. But still 5 stars on the blog. Anyone else got good recommendations for blogs and trade magazines? No offense TM, still love you guys. Just want more.

  12. russ says:

    Harry you might be right about garagejournal.com but they just put things up that have been here already, like the welding workbench and the stow-and-go trailer. But like yourself I don’t go to just one site either.

    I am though, skeptical of first time ever reviews as some may be rushed or they are just a slight copy of the company’s product description.

    Actually I like this site and what information I learn from it, especially the comments from people who have used the exact tool or something similar to it. It’s just too bad (for me) I didn’t win the Paslode giveaway. Looking forward to Kyle’s pics and comments.

  13. Harry says:

    Hey guys, don’t get me wrong, I visit here daily to see what’s going on along with other places. Most of what I do is automotive related and things can get kind of dry here on toolmonger for auto tools but, I still visit here.

  14. Hank says:

    I read this site daily, and miss it on the weekends. Unlike some of the cranks complaining above, I take the good with the no so good. I have bought a few tools because of TM, had many validated (whether good or bad), but I most enjoy the comments even though I get a bit tired of “Monday morning quarterbacks” picking at the site. The site owners do this in their spare time, and work for a living. I don’t have the energy for that. Neither do the cranks.

  15. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    This is one of three tabs that form my home page when I open Firefox. Always good stuff (it’s rare that I don’t open a few more pages for more reading off the main page). I’m not buying many tools now, but a decent percentage of the ones I do buy have come from here. Even down to commodities, like saw blades – good to hear a review of them before buying. (Mail order to China is a PITA!)

  16. David Bryan says:

    God forbid anybody should ever say anything mildly critical when opinions are solicited. That would mean things weren’t perfect. No one should ever have to try to do better. Everything’s so wonderful like it is.

  17. Rick says:

    I think most of the guys here have been rather constructive in their critique. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t like the website.

    I haven’t bought anything that has been mentioned on this site, yet. However I am considering those midpriced Stanley planes. At the very least, this site is getting me to go down to Woodcraft to check them out.

    What I really like about the site is that it seems to stir debate about different tools. The hot or not sections work well for that. We had a lively debate about that Kobalt tool box last week. There wasn’t a single “crank” there just like there isn’t a single “crank” here. Debate and argument are required for a place like this.

    The downside for Toolmonger is that it doesn’t do much in the way of reviews. It is more like each blog post is advertising. That isn’t a bad thing but some good reviews would make this site a lot better. Unfortunately there is only one Norm Abrams getting free Delta tools.

    This is a good site, but it is what it is. It simply makes us aware of tools that are out there and little else. Since discovering Toolmonger, I visit on a daily basis and comment regularly. I’ve even had my workbench featured once. (that was sweet). I think you should keep doing what you do but you need to work in some tool reviews to really influence buying decisions.

  18. MattW says:

    I don’t know how much I have bought as a result of this site, but it has been a fair amount. Annnd… I have bought quite a few things that weren’t new items, but I didn’t know they existed and didn’t know I needed them.

    As far as the comments go, I think they are generally pretty good and constructive here, leaving you thinking most people are pretty nice and helpful. I used to peruse Engadget, and that makes you think most people are jerks. I prefer TM.


  19. Zathrus says:

    @David Bryan:

    Constructive criticism is great, useful, and lets people improve.

    You haven’t provided a bit of it yet though. Just snarky non-witticisms that seem to indicate that you keep coming here despite it having no redeeming value to you.

    Sure, I’d love to see more hands-on reviews too… but unless tool manufacturers are providing Toolmonger w/ free tools (which creates another conflict of interest common in publications) then that’s probably not going to happen.

    I’d definitely like the podcasts to reappear though.

  20. David Bryan says:

    Well, Zathrus, sorry you feel that way. I had no wish to offend. I agree with you about the non-witticisms part, I wasn’t trying to be witty there, just brief. I don’t give a hoot about snarking, I just tend to think in terms of relative examples. Sort of poetical. But as a professional writer I’m used to criticism. If you want the expanded version, you can look at what Rick said up there, he covered the first one pretty well. And as for the second one, I’ve seen a lot of things on here that’d just appeared at cooltools, with real user reviews over there, and it’s true that I’ve bought things I’ve seen reviewed over there, and not over here. That’s just how it’s turned out. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reviewers over here getting ideas over there, I’ve just noticed that a few times. If I was writing things like this I might do the same thing. Comparing the two sites, I’ve found more information here, more useful information there, product-wise. And I enjoy both of them.
    Now that wasn’t exactly short and sweet, was it? That’s the problem with injecting personalities into debates like this, it gets boring real fast, and my apologies to any who may have suffered through this.

  21. Jim K. says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve only bought one tool as a result of TM, well dealmonger to be exact. Love the discussion and info sharing among folks in the comments sections though.

  22. Yamakid says:

    Moderation bots suck, I usually post under ocEmantuP (read it backwards) but I seem to be blocked

    I don’t really remember getting anything I’ve seen on Toolmonger, my memory is not that good 🙂 I do know that I have some of the tools featured here. I have been diswaded from buying some tools from the comments that I’ve read here. and really appreciate the honest reviews that are found in the best part of Toolmonger, the comments.
    I really wish that Toolmonger had a forum, It would be an interesting one, with the community thats developed here, I’m sure.
    Re: All the tool blogs coming up with the same thing at the same time. Press releases go out from all the major players at about the same time, and sometimes they have promotions for their things in their current lines. These blogs are advertiser driven after all.

    htp news.thomasnet (dot,coom) posts briefs of most new releases.

    Tool-Rank and Lumberjocks have good tool user reviews

  23. fritz gorbach says:

    Don’t think I bought anything because of toolmonger, specifically, but I have been influenced, and I look around a couple oof times a week.
    As for people who are down on the reviews, maybe you don’t read past the first words, and on to where a lot of experienced tool users share there knowledge, both of specific tools and of possible alternatives, and of techniques for getting the most from those tools.
    And I certainly have solved problems after something someone else posted on toolmonger.
    Great website, keep up the good work

  24. Squidwelder says:

    I haven’t bought any (yet), but my to-get and wish lists are embarassingly extensive.

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