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I haven’t been fishing since sometime last century, and when I did go, I probably used an old rusty pair of needlenose pliers for hook removal. I think the 9.5″ Baker Hookout would be useful for other things like retrieving parts dropped in that little crevice under the hood (or wherever). The pistol grip may make it easier to use in some situations than alternatives such as hemostats (ranging in price from $2 to $10 or more, depending on size and quality). It can also do double-duty as a “talking monster tool” in your garage puppet shows.

Cabela’s has a very similar “pistol-grip hook remover” at $10 for the 9.5″ stainless model.

There’s a similar pistol-grip lighted type available (the Alligetter™, “As Seen on TV!”), but it’s $19.95.

Another alternative is a flexible grabber tool like the one mentioned a few years ago on TM. Or is the “Best-of-Both-Worlds Pickup tool” ($8) mentioned last year in TM the way to go?

Baker Hookout [Manufacturer’s Site]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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  1. David Bryan says:

    I gave one of those to the folks at a bar I used to spend a lot of time at. They used a wine carafe for a tip jar. I’ve got a couple of ’em, and I’ve used them for fishing wires and stuff like that. I’ve had the original Hook-outs and some new stainless ones, and you can mash the hell out of something with them.

  2. I swear by forceps (hemostats) — sometimes very loudly.

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