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By itself, Doc Allen’s Versatool is a handy and easy-to-carry tool kit that costs $13. It comes with 11 hex bits and a 2″ extension adapter. Its 1/4″ hex adapter slides around the ring so you can find a suitable torque position, and the adapter can be removed and used as a finger driver. But you can beef up the versatility by adding a few items that conveniently fit in its small 3″ x 4″ zippered pouch with belt loop. For example, I have added a stainless Pocketwrench™ (an older “original”; the newer Pocketwrench II™, shown below, is available for $10 – $11 from Lee Valley or McFeely’s), a Swiss Tech Micro-Tech™ 8-in-1 tool that I had gotten as a trade show gift ($10 from Amazon), a pair of pin-point tweezers ($5 for Uncle Bill’s from Amazon or $8 from A.G. Russell), a Leatherman Micra ($15 from Amazon), and there’s still some room left.

Because the Versatool uses standard hex bits, you can add a few more bits of your choice.

What do you think — is this combination preferable, or easier to carry, than one of the big multi-tools?

Doc Allen’s Versatool
Uncle Bill’s Tweezers [What’s This?]
Pocketwrench II™ [Corporate Site]
Swiss Tech 8-in-1 [What’s This?]
Leatherman Micra [What’s This?]
A.G. Russell [Corporate Site]
McFeely’s [Corporate Site]


2 Responses to Making The Versatool More Versatile

  1. Toolhearty says:

    I have one of the Versatool sets and it is compact, lightweight, and certainly handy. I see the Versatool as augmenting a good multitool (in my case, it’s a Leatherman Fuse). The multitool gives you, at the very least, a reasonable set of pliers.

    I think that a worthwhile addition to the set would be some long Xcelite screwdriver blades and some way of connecting them to the Versatool handle. Long blades are nice because so many things are made of molded plastic with screws recessed waaaaay down in there.

    Here is the selection of blades:


    …and there is a 1/4″ adapter, just wish the driven end was a 1/4″ socket so it would snap directly onto the handle. I’ll have to get one of these and see if I can modify it by removing the hex shaft part:


    The Micra is a good addition, as are the tweezers (I’d carry the Micra in my pocket and the tweezers are on my keychain). I’ve tried a couple of the Swiss Tech tools and they really didn’t do anything for me. The Pocketwrench seems like it would only be useful in those rare instances where you have a nut or bolt head sticking out of a flat surface with no obstructions around it.

  2. Michael W says:

    I’m with Toolhearty on the tweezers, I keep my set on my key chain so I’m never without it. I like them so much I bought several and gave them out as gifts. They’re awesome at getting out little tiny splinters, thorns, metal slivers and ticks.
    I go pretty light, usually only carrying a pocketknife and a multitool. Usually though I’m not to far from my truck where ALL my tools are.

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