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Pole-mounted loppers let you safely prune trees from the ground without having to work from a ladder, but most loppers are fixed on the pole in a way that only lets you cut branches that are relatively horizontal to the ground. While you can come at the branch at an angle, you’re never going to cut the branches sticking straight up. With Wolf-Garten’s adjustable angle loppers, the head swivels 180° to reach troublesome branches.

The loppers’ anvil cutters are operated with a 4-fold pulley mechanism. The mechanical advantage this gives you means you can prune longer with less effort. Wolf-Garten precision grinds the non-stick blades to give you thousands of clean cuts. The loppers can cut branches up to 40mm (1-1/2″) and they work with Wolf-Garten’s Vario handles, up to 5.7m (18.5′).

The loppers alone will run you at least $40 — then you’ll have to spend at least another $15 on one of their extension poles.

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3 Responses to Adjustable Angle Tree Lopper

  1. Davo says:

    I love my Fiskars’ Pruning Stik…a really innovative design that works great.

  2. bob says:

    The Fiskars work well but pulleys increase force.

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