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I like the concept. I’m just not sure how flat other keys (or whatever goodies you carry with your keys) will lie once they’re connected to the split ring. Will you wind up with a spiky mine-shaped mess in your pocket, or will it be more subtle? It probably depends on the diameter of the key holes of the keys on the ring relative to the diameter of the split ring, but that’s getting too analytical, even for me.

The key blank can be cut by any key cutter to fit Schlage SC1 or Kwikset KW1 keyways. It runs $7 for a pack of two.

Split Ring Key [Amron Experimental]


5 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Split Ring Key

  1. Michael says:

    Seems to me it would be nice if it were the only key, or on a lanyard, etc. Maybe even easier to hang, or with other split ring keys, but probably wouldn’t be helpful with ‘normal’ keys.

  2. Dustin says:

    With regards to the spiky mine shape…Why would it work differently from every other split-ring keyring in existence?

  3. fstedie says:

    Any key you put in the ring will sit perpendicular to this one… not very comfortable.

  4. Mike P. says:

    To attach anything to the split-ring, don’t you have to rotate it all the way around? How do you get past the key?

  5. Watcher says:

    Mike, perhaps the ring splits on the horizontal at the key so as to allow for the rotation of whatever is being added.

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