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If you have an odd-shaped yard or certain plants that need more water than others, the Noodlehead Flexible Lawn and Garden Sprinkler allows you to point 12 “noodles” to precisely the right place for optimal watering. Product literature indicates that the three holes in each noodle give you six feet of coverage, up to 20 feet away, under normal water pressure.

As shown, you can attach it to a garden hose — and then place it precisely in the same spot to get the benefits of exact water distribution. If you already have underground sprinklers, you can attach the Noodlehead to a ½” riser, solving that precision problem.

The precision water distribution this device claims to provide seems to mandate a permanent installation. The noodles are pretty tall, so the implementation design (inset, top) seems destined for a lawn mowing accident; however, if you are able to isolate the head from the lawn (inset, below), it appears that you can do as claimed.

The 12-headed Noodlehead Flexible Lawn and Garden Sprinkler runs about $13 at Amazon, a little more around the web.

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