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At Amazon you can find the Bahco “by Snap On” 804409 9 pc, 3/8 drive 12Pt. Drive Deep Socket set for $14.95. We’re not really sure what the catch here is, or perhaps the Snap On label is just a sticker or something of that nature. In any case we thought it worth mentioning.

The set includes 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, 3/4″, 13/16″, 7/8″ size deep sockets, made in the U.S.A., for a price that rivals flea markets and pawn shops at $1.66 each. Who knows? Perhaps they fell off a truck or something.

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9 Responses to Dealmonger: Bahco 12Pt. Drive Deep Sockets

  1. Gordon says:

    From the Bahco web site:
    1999 – Bahco Group AB is acquired by Snap-on Inc. Kenosha, Wisconsin USA. Snap-on is among the biggest tool companies in the world, founded in 1920 with the same visions as Bahco – to develop tools making the job easier, faster and safer for professionals. Further corporate mergers et al. apparently now mean Bahco tools are manufactured by SNA Europe, which also includes Lindström cutters and pliers. Looks like they have a long history and a good reputation.

  2. Eli-0 says:

    I’m in for a set. I don’t have any 12pt sockets, and only a few deep sockets at that. After shipping they’re about $2.60 each, still not bad considering I’d pay sales tax here at a pawn shop (WA state).

    I hope I won’t round off any 6 point bolts with these. I’ve read that the 12 point sockets and wrenches can really pay off in areas where you might not have good access to a bolt, because the 12 point sockets have a little more “play” on a 6 point bolt.

  3. Grant says:

    I’d rather settle for a 6 point set and a nice ratchet handle that has 5 degree increments. I’ve rounded off too many cheap bolts with 12 point sockets.

  4. Jerry says:

    Check the Bahco website – interesting to see just how many varieties of tools they make. The fish and hook story is an interesting read as well.

  5. Toolhearty says:

    IMHO, all the 12 point sockets of the world should be rounded up, melted down, and made into something useful. I just don’t regularly encounter many square nuts or square-headed bolts (which is why the 12 point socket exists).

    As Grant says, get yourself a decent ratchet if you’re having trouble in tight spaces. Just remember, the smaller the increment of the ratchet, the smaller the teeth on the gear inside. Don’t try to use the ratchet as a substitute for a breaker bar.

  6. fred says:

    Once in a while on some older restorations we encounter a number of old lags that we’d like to preserve. We resort to a set of 4 and 8 point sockets that we maintain for this purpose. Here is the list of our set. I’m not sure about the William’s sockets – but I think that Wright’s are still available:

    WILLIAMS M-406 4 point 1/4IN. DR. 3/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS M-407 4 point 1/4IN. DR. 7/32 INCH
    WILLIAMS M-408 4 point 1/4IN. DR. 1/4 INCH
    WILLIAMS M-409 4 point 1/4IN. DR. 9/32 INCH
    WILLIAMS M-810 8 point 1/4IN. DR. 5/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS M-812 8 point 1/4IN. DR. 3/8 INCH
    WILLIAMS B-812 8 point 3/8IN. DR. 3/8 INCH
    WILLIAMS B-814 8 point 3/8IN. DR. 7/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS BD-814 8 point 3/8IN. DR. 7/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS B-816 8 point 3/8IN. DR. 1/2 INCH
    WILLIAMS BD-816 8 point 3/8IN. DR. 1/2 INCH
    WILLIAMS BD-818 8 point 3/8IN. DR. 9/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS BD-820 8 point 3/8IN. DR. 5/8 INCH
    WILLIAMS ST-822 8 point 1/2IN. DR. 11/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS ST-824 8 point 1/2IN. DR. 3/4 INCH
    WILLIAMS ST-826 8 point 1/2IN. DR. 13/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS ST-828 8 point 1/2IN. DR. 7/8 INCH
    WRIGHT TOOL 4330 8 point 1/2IN. DR. 15/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS ST-832 8 point 1/2IN. DR. 1 INCH
    WRIGHT TOOL 4334 8 point 1/2IN. DR. 1-1/16 INCH
    WRIGHT TOOL 4336 8 point 1/2IN. DR. 1-1/8 INCH
    WRIGHT TOOL 4340 8 point 1/2IN. DR. 1-1/4 INCH

  7. fred says:

    I forgot to mention that some of the sizes of 8 point sockets came for impact wrenches. We use these too:

    WILLIAMS 4-812 8 pt. Impact 1/2IN. DR. 3/8 INCH
    WILLIAMS 4-814 8 pt. Impact 1/2IN. DR. 7/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS 4-816 8 pt. Impact 1/2IN. DR. 1/2 INCH
    WILLIAMS 4-818 8 pt. Impact 1/2IN. DR. 9/16 INCH
    WILLIAMS 4-820 8 pt. Impact 1/2IN. DR. 5/8 INCH

  8. gjc says:

    Well, Toolhearty, what would you do with those twelve point nuts on every friggin’ airplane, once you’ve gotten rid of the sockets


  9. Joe says:

    Toolhearty doesn’t know what he is talking about. Square head fasteners should be driven by ‘square’ 4-point sockets, which are more often seen in 8-point versions that have two sets of 4-point openings equally offset with each other. Twelve-point sockets do not have the 90 degree angle between flats to mate properly with the square corners of 4-point fasteners, and would likely cause fastener rounding if enough torque were applied. Don’t blame the tool for that.

    Twelve-point sockets are used to address access problems, to facilitate engaging the socket on a 6-point fastener. They do so by requiring less rotation of the socket relative to the fastener than a 6-point socket before it slips down over the fastener. Twelve-point sockets are of course also used to turn 12-point fasteners, which are not commonly encountered by DIYers and backyard mechanics.

    For the same reason, as Snap-on properly notes in its catalog, XZN (triple square) and double hex are not the same, even though they both are twelve-point fasteners, because the angles differ between the two. Use the right tool on the right fastener and avoid headaches.

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