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Whenever we mention Bridge City Tool Works on this site, the word “Tool Pr0n” gets thrown around quite a bit. Although their latest tool, the KM-1 KerfMaker, is a bit on the expensive side, it looks like a useful tool for anybody who has ever tried to make tab A fit into slot B.

The precision-milled aluminum KerfMaker cuts grooves and dadoes that exactly match your stock material thickness using your table saw, radial arm saw, or router table. Bridge City has an excellent video on their web site explaining how to use the tool, but we’ll give you the summary.

You first set up the KM-1 for the width of the blade you’ll be using. Once that’s done you don’t have to do it again unless you change blades. Set the KM-1 to the thickness of your stock and use it as a flip stop to make the outside groove or dado cuts, cutting one side first, then flipping the tool over and using the other side. The two cuts will mark the exact width of your stock. All that’s left is to cut out the middle.

Bridge City Tool Works is taking pre-orders until July 20, 2009 — then you’ll have to wait until September to get the tool. The KerfMaker will retail for $65.00. If you’re worried about the shipping charges, you probably shouldn’t be buying tools from these guys.

KM-1 KerfMaker [Bridge City Tool Works]


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  1. Dan says:

    Looking for ct-6 egg beater hand drill from BCT. Can anyone help me?

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