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Need something to keep those spare batteries from rattling around? I know — a ZipLock bag works well and is usually waterproof, but this battery caddy will keep things secure and allows easy access for testing the batteries. It’s a convenient holder of the extra batteries for the flashlight(s) (or radios, digital multimeters, cameras, flash units…) in your truck, your toolbox, your bench drawer, your desk drawer, your kitchen “utility” drawer, your backpack, your briefcase, your suitcase, your camping gear, your boat, your travel trailer, your camera bag…

Versions are available for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and CR123 batteries in addition to various combinations such as the one pictured above. Prices range from $5 – $14, and colors includes black, orange, and Glow in the Dark!

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2 Responses to PowerPax Battery Clip Organizer

  1. Harley says:

    I stumbled upon the Powerpax web site a few months ago and on a whim I purchased the AA, AAA and CR123 size holders. They sit in a zippered microphone bag along with a bunch of other miscellaneous batteries. While not a necessity the Powerpax battery holders are an inexpensive way to organize your commonly used batteries. It is convenient to look at the holder and see how many are left as opposed to fishing around the battery bag. Sure I could live without them, but they make things a bit more organized for me. For a few bucks a piece I recommend them. I could see them in a kitchen drawer or any place where you would normally have loose batteries.

  2. pruitt says:

    Plus it makes sure two 9-volts don’t end up slipping together and such…. I’m ordering one.

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