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You could say that using FastCap’s Mortise Tool to quickly apply their ebony pin Artisan Accents is cheating, but then again you might make the same argument against using power tools to make traditional pinned mortises.

To apply the accents you just need to tap FastCap’s Mortise tool with a hammer; doing so leaves a divot in which you place the accent. Then just tap the accent with a hammer until it is flush with the wood.  The accents can be used purely for decoration or for hiding screws.

You’ll pay $20 for the mortise tool plus $8 shipping. You might as well throw in a pack of 50 Artisan Accents for $5 while you’re at it, since shipping won’t cost you extra.

Mortise Tool [FastCap]
Mortise Tool [FastCap eStore]


3 Responses to Decorative Mortises In Seconds

  1. Michael W says:

    The same thing can be done with a drill and a peg. First you drill a hole a bit smaller than the size of the peg. Then you round off one end of the peg. Then you tap in the peg. Much cheaper and you don’t get tied down using “special” accents. You can use any wood you want to make the accents.

  2. Chris says:

    Soooo…why not just make the mortises semi-sharp and pound them in directly, rather than paying $20 for a tool to do it?

    Just wondering.


  3. aaron says:

    isnt this just pretty much half of a mortising bit?

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