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The Carver’s Spoon Plane may resemble a spoon, but you’d be better off using it to hollow out a wooden spoon then trying to eat with it. Used to clean up and smooth hollow or concave surfaces like spoons and bowls, the spoon plane is simple to control and cuts quickly.

The 6″ long spoon plane is cast in bronze and coated with titanium nitrate, giving it a smooth and shiny finish. The head of the spoon holds a 1-3/8″ wide plane blade and the large handle fits comfortably in your hand.

Woodcraft sells the Carver’s Spoon plane for $27 shipped, but it requires honing before use. For an extra treat, watch the video of Charles Neil explaining the Carver’s Wooden Spoon on the WoodCraft site. He’s a colorful character, to say the least.

Carver’s Spoon Plane [Woodcraft]


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