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Here’s an interesting concept from Sommerfeld: a featherboard that doubles as a bit guard — or is it a bit guard that doubles as a featherboard? They claim that it works great for large work pieces like plywood or raised panel doors.

As a featherboard, the Featherguard can hold the workpiece with over 50lbs of pressure, and as a bit guard, it completely covers the bit when installed correctly.

There are few disconcerting things about this accessory — you can’t see the bit through the completely opaque plastic and you need to locate the featherboard directly over the bit rather than in front the bit where you’d normally locate it. That said, it could be a time-saver to only have to position one accessory rather than two.

Sommerfeld includes all knobs and hardware needed to attach the Feathergaurd to your router or table saw. It appears that the Feathergaurd is only available on their website for $25 before shipping charges.

Featherguard [Sommerfeld Tools]


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