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While sports-themed, bike-themed, and just plain girly hardhats have been spotted before, they all take second fiddle to Smith and Wesson’s hardhat. It comes with a four-point nylon ratchet suspension, a wide brim for protection against harmful UV rays, and is in compliance with ANSI Z89.1-2003 (Class G electrical-low voltage).

Fashioned after the classic ten-gallon Stetson, this one will hold remarkably less, but after a day or two on site, you probably shouldn’t drink out of it anyway.

The Smith and Wesson hardhat will fit head sizes from 6½ to 8, and will set you back $29, partner.

Street pricing [Google]
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One Response to Smith and Wesson Hardhat

  1. heywood says:

    “Guaranteed to give you neck cramps faster than a high-noon shootout!”

    I usually go for the lightest hardhat possible, especially one that doesn’t have a bunch of protrusions to catch on stuff on a jobsite.

    This is almost exclusively a superintendent hard hat, msa makes a much superior “pith helmet” style hat out of fiberglass.

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