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It’s not winter now here in the U.S., but it’s never to early to start preparing. One problem to think about is how are you going to use your newfangled phone without removing your gloves. Cutting-edge phones like the Apple iPhone, the Palm Pre, the HTC G1, and many phones soon to be released use a capacitive touch screen. What this means is the phone only works with your bare finger — not a stylus, and especially not gloves.

Right now the glove of choice for this application seems to be the ETIP Gloves from The North Face, but since you can’t actually purchase them, we’re writing about the Touchees_  tech gloves. Aisoy Robotics claims the Touchees_ high thermal insulation gloves are compatible with all kinds of touch screens.  These 90% cotton, 10% polyamide gloves come in black and cream colors in one size — the only measurement they give is 19.5cm from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist.

The gloves normally run €17.00 or about $24 a pair, but they’re discounting them to €15.00 ($21) right now. Shipping will run you €5.5 ($8).

Touchees_ [Corporate Site]


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