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We can see why Mayhew Tools thought it would be cool to name this tool the Cats Paw Deck Wrecker. The Cats Paw part is obvious, especially since they own the trademark, but the “Deck Wrecker” part of the name doesn’t really describe the tool. It’s designed to lift deck boards with little damage and without damaging the joists underneath, allowing you to resurface the deck with as little repair to the structure as possible.

Mayhew manufactures the 44″ long Cats Paw Deck Wrecker from steel and powder coats it for corrosion resistance. The tool’s double Cats Paw head straddles the joist, while the curved rocker sits on top of the joist. Pulling back on the handle pries the deck board off the joist. Once the board is out of the way you can use one of the Cats Paw heads to pry up remaining nails and screws.

You can purchase the Cats Paw Deck Wrecker from Amazon for $100 shipped. Other online retailers also sell it for $100, but you’ll take your chances with their shipping charges.

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  1. jeff says:

    Gutster is way cheaper and more versatile. I just got one for my dad as a father’s day present and we demo-ed a deck in no time. http://www.thegutster.com/

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