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We drew the lucky winner of the Paslode Cordless Tools and found that reader Kyle I will be the lucky recipient of the tools. After we contacted him, he opted for the angled nailer and was very excited to get started on the jobs around his place that have been piling up.

We hope that he enjoys his Paslode tools and sends us a pic of his new giveaway booty when they arrive. For those of you who didn’t win this time, just keep in mind that we have a few other giveaways coming soon and you’ll have another chance at winning here at Toolmonger.

Paslode Cordless Giveaway Rules [Toolmonger]


6 Responses to Paslode Cordless Tools Winner

  1. russ says:


    Enjoy the tools Kyle!!!

  2. Joel Spangler says:

    congrats to Kyle – and thanks to Toolmonger for the opportunity to (try to) win this awesome prize.

  3. Dazrin says:

    Congratulations Kyle!

  4. Zeros says:

    Congratulations Kyle, put them to good use!

  5. jeffrey immer says:

    good choice kyle, it was a great tool when i used one in the past.

  6. Nick da Hick says:

    Congrats Kyle!

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