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Leatherman Knifeless Fuse

The Leatherman Knifeless Fuse is a combination tool that comes without a knife. Marketed for “knife-prohibitive situations,” the tool contains 13 standard tools (needlenose/regular pliers, two wire cutters, wire stripper, small/large/Phillips screwdrivers, scissors, file, can/bottle opener, 8″ ruler) that one would expect in a multi-tool.

If you work at a school or an airport, this combination tool is marketed for you. While TSA will probably make the rest of us check this, there are certainly occupations where having a knife is a liability rather than an asset. The remaining tools, as expected, are consistent with Leatherman’s reputation for quality.

The Knifeless Fuse benefits from Leatherman’s new design — the jaw and wire cutter/stripper are longer than before, and the grips are now Zytel (nylon). Additionally, Leatherman claims the tool locking system is “50% stronger” than previous versions.

All said, it’s a tool for a very specialized group of folks, but if you’re one of them, this’ll do the trick.

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16 Responses to Leatherman Knifeless Fuse

  1. Interesting idea, but if a school can suspend a student with a butterknife in his car for breaking zero tolerance rules, I don’t hold out much hope for this knife.

  2. Mike Yancey says:

    Yes; it’s almost as if there’s a war against the handy.

    I did Jury Duty recently and had my Leatherman Micra confiscated – not for the blade – oh, no – for the tiny, tiny scissors. I couldn’t take it back to my car because I’d taken the commuter train.

    I’d have left it at home, but they’d not confiscated in previous Jury Duty visits and I put it in my pocket automatically every morning.

    Mike Y
    Dallas, Texas

  3. Toolhearty says:

    Will not pass TSA screenings (TSA drones have been known to object to the point on the can opener, even though you can rake it across your skin and not even leave a scratch).

  4. Dave P says:

    If you fell on this you could really hurt your eye. I’m holding out for the all-soft-plastic version with no acute angles.

  5. pruitt says:

    Ah, it’s hard not to get bitter. I’m still wondering who’s tightening the screws in the back of the airplane seats now that we can’t. And I still wonder who’s going to cut me out of my seatbelt when the plane crashes. Haven’t they seen Lost? 😉

  6. Craig H says:

    If you search the web for “fuse knifeless”, you’ll find several places where they say they sell a black oxide version of the knifeless Fuse. I would be hesitant to purchase one without asking them to verify there is no knife. I ordered a black oxide version of the knifeless Fuse from a website and I received a black oxide Fuse WITH a knife. Fortunately, I was able to return it and get my money back. If you go to the Leatherman website, they make no mention of a black oxide version.

  7. flarney says:

    Its sooooo pathetically sad that we are all presumed guilty and the powers that be feel the need to make us totally helpless by not even allowing us to carry a tiny blade in some places. I’m sorry but this does not and will never make us safer. Do I need a 12 inch Bowie knife on a plane? No, but a small blade to open my bag of peanuts doesn’t seem at all unreasonable. We can quibble about blade length but something should be allowed. Welcome to the nanny state.

  8. kyle says:

    really if some one want to hurt or kill some one there not going to use a small pocket knife they will pick something much larger like a hunting knife or a block of C4 these are the real things to be worried about not butter knives and scisors

  9. Peter W says:

    Common sense has nothing to do with TSA. In-flight drinks are often served in aluminum cans – very nice sharp blades when ripped apart.

  10. Nice of Leatherman to adjust to the TSA rules and gives us options. But I agree with the rest of you; In the world we live in the Handy is under attack. I traveled once and had to leave my Leatherman with security because I was being automatically handy like Mike Yancy and forgot to take it out of my carry on. So I had to have it shipped back to me. And I had to pay for shipping! I don’t think the TSA is going to let this one fly either 🙂

  11. Craig says:

    I guess these are aimed at the UK market, among others. It is effectively against the law to carry a knife of any variety, with a blade exceeding 3ins, in ‘public’. Where public seems to mean anywhere outside your house.

    There are limited concessions for trade use, religious/national costume and other ‘good reasons’, but to be honest its a pain in the ass.

  12. anon says:

    If you’re from Texas, and your national (and maybe religious, too) costume includes a ten-inch Bowie … ?

  13. Jim K. says:

    One of favorite examples of the ridiculousness surrounding knives in nanny-state, USA was at the Hollister Bike Rally a few years back. There were signs everywhere saying “knives prohibited by law” but in the main vendors area there was a booth specifically dedicated to selling knives, oh yeah and an ambulance chaser attorney handing them out as schwag.

  14. Chris says:

    Peter W: The FBI will be coming to take you to Gitmo, er, Eastern Europe, er, East Asian islands shortly for helping the terrorists.

    (The sad part is that I’m kidding, but it *could* be true.)


  15. melvin says:

    Lots of places like that in the USA to Craig. Check out http://www.donath.org/Rants/StateKnifeLaws/ for details.

    FYI anon, bowie knives are specifically illegal to open or conceal carry in Texas.

  16. Zathrus says:


    You realize that the blades on the Fuse, Wave, et. al. are all 3″ long, right?

    The Surge might be longer, since it’s bigger overall.

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