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I call this one “Too Sexy For My Bridge.” The princely stance and smirk on reader Jeffrey.Immer’s mug are just about perfect for a day’s work well done. I’m always amazed at how these guys bust ass. It is their job, that’s true, but they get it done in places other guys might wither and wimp out. 

My elevated walkway from the battalion building to the company buildings, it was unbelievable hot out that day, like 115 or something ungodly like that. We built the 45′ long walk in one day and incorporated solar lights into the handrail – that was bardsley’s idea. Me and him are like Adler and Sullivan (me being Adler.)

For those of you not as up on your 19th-century architects as the good Mr. Immer here: Adler and Sullivan were rather famous Chicago building designers in the late 1800’s and designed some of the most historic buildings in town. Places like Garrick Theater (which was sadly destroyed in 1961) and the Chicago Stock Exchange building on North LaSalle Street which still stands today are just a few examples of their fine work.

Come to think of it, Immer and Bardsley does sound like one of those big to-do firms that charge an arm and a leg to design a modern work of art. Of course, after the war, who’s to say it won’t be?

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]
Adler and Sullivan [Google Images]


3 Responses to Flickr Pool: Bridge Building

  1. davis says:

    That bridge looks as sturdy as the young man that is holding it up. Thank you for your service to our country.

  2. FredB says:

    Be sure to go to the pool and look at the desk he designed. Very cool.

  3. Scott says:

    I would not equate him only with these designers but the expert craftsmen that had to build the structures.

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