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YouTube user MasterGrayFox02 good-naturedly posted this video of himself trying to figure out how to use a small excavator to load dirt into a truck. No injuries here, just a mistake that’ll require a little cleanup. As MasterGrayFox02 put it, it’s “how to tell there is a new guy working on the machines.”

Construction Accident [YouTube]


3 Responses to Doh! When it Rains Dirt

  1. Matt says:

    Reminds me of my supervisor schooling me on the forklift. He knocked off a sprinkler head and flooded the warehouse.

  2. kdp says:

    About once a month I have need to use my father in law’s tractor with front-end loader. Up and down are second nature, but every once in a while, I’ll still send the bucket forward when I mean to pull it back.

  3. Blair says:

    I know a guy who did a similar thing, except with pea gravel, trust me, when you’re there to witness it, it’s hilarious!

    (and no, he wasn’t hurt 🙂

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