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It seems some readers like rboyett2001 have been busy in the shop while other folks like me have been out back grilling up some fatty meats. After we got a look at this fold-away workbench we feel a little behind. Rboyett gives us the rundown on the bench and its construction.

The base for the workbench with the legs installed. The legs are attached with hinges so they can be closed up. There are adjustable feet underneath the legs to allow for the slope in the garage floor.

He obviously spent some time planning how to maximize the available space in the garage and it shows. We deal with this sort of thing ourselves at home and this folding solution is a great way to make the most of a limited area.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


2 Responses to Reader Shop: Rboyett2001’s New Bench

  1. Rick says:


    I’m the R in rboyett2001.

    Actually I just uploaded the pictures last weekend but the bench was completed some time ago. Since building this, I have added a bench vise, holes for bench pups.

    The bench is based off these designs.

    I have also built the overhead cabinets shown in the plans, minus the doors.

    It has worked out pretty well. The bench is very sturdy and has served me well. I’ll miss it when I sell this house next year.

  2. Mr.Miz says:

    brilliant…. I work on computers all day long. While dreaming of engineering, architecture and woodworking. I see this kind of stuff and it’s just such a far stretch from what little I get to do on the side. The little things you’ve done put that added bit of craftsmanship in to a work bench for crying out loud. It’s amazing the difference. Thanks for sharing and thanks Toolmonger for posting it for me to drool over.

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