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For a while you’ve been able to let everybody know you’re a Klein fan by opening a cold one with your Klein Beverage Tool or by carrying your favorite drink in your Klein Beverage Hauler. Now Klein has come out with yet another way to show your loyalty with drink: the Klein Stubby Mug.

Instantly recognizable as a Klein product, the mug is styled after their classic cushion grip screwdriver.  The dishwasher-safe mug holds up to 16.9oz of hot or cold liquid. Comically, Klein claims the mug is food safe — imagine selling a mug that wasn’t.

We can’t find any pricing for the mug, nor can we actually find a place to purchase it yet, even the Buy Now! button on the mug’s product page is currently broken.

Stubby Mug [Klein]


4 Responses to Preview: Klein Stubby Mug

  1. Frank Townend says:

    Usually I steer clear of promotional products, but I am a sucker for those from Klein.

  2. Frank Townend says:

    It is on their Web site now for $11.81.
    Catalog Number: 98705
    Description: Klein® Stubby Mug™
    Price $11.81

    Either go to the Klein site and click through to it or try:

    Klein® Stubby Mug™

  3. Thanks for the link Frank!

  4. Ed says:

    To purchase this, go to Kleinconnection.com

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