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Not to be outdone in the accessory category, Bosch announced out the P2R2 in back in May. It’s not a combo driver but rather a combo bit which drives Phillips, Square-drive and the combination heads like deck screws.

We can see contractors everywhere lining up for this thing — mostly because it would almost completely eliminate the need to carry a bunch of bits and endlessly rotate them out while on the job. It’s one of those little things that make life a lot easier.

We’re just guessing here, but the pricing will probably be somewhere in the two- or three-dollar range and most likely come bundled with other tools and in standard sets as well once they get rolling. We’re sure the cabinetry folks can hardly wait.

P2R2 Bits [Bosch]


17 Responses to Preview: Bosch P2R2 Bits

  1. Shopmonger says:

    OK so now we need a hands on for CAM OUt and strength

  2. jeffrey immer says:

    send a couple this way i’m sure i can destroy them in no time flat, impact here we come!!!!!

  3. Nick the Hick says:

    So is it cheap bits or cheap metal in the fasteners that causes drive bit failure? I find the better quiality I buy in both, the longer they last. I really have the best luck with roberson drive.

  4. Stan says:

    Personally I like Torx the best. Never have a problem with cam out. I’ll occasionally break a screw on some of the longer lengths over 3″.

  5. ttabob says:

    Combo just means it does neither very well. It looks like its already pre-stripped out for you.

    I went to a buddy’s shop and all his guys were happily, yet frustratingly screwing a bunch of mdf set pieces together. All I could hear was a bunch of bits stripping out the screw heads. Every single one, every guy was just over screwing the bits. I mentioned to him that his guys need to learn how to use the clutch on the cordless drills. He looked at me with a blank stare.

    I had to look at the bits, and asked when they had been changed out……they never had……ever. You’d think one of the guys just might say to himself that there has to be a better way.

    Apparently they didn’t know enough to know it was a problem.

    Anyways, these combo bits wont solve anything. Just use the right bits for the right screws. At least until north america switches over to torx everything like all of Europe already did. Not that Europe is better, but, just saying.

  6. fritzgorbach says:

    I use almost exclusively square drive , and I find the driver to be the cause of cam out 99% of the time. Examine the square bit that comes with most name brand sets(dewalt, bosch, hitachi…)and you will see that the tip is actually gently sloped toards the square face, thus never seating properly in the screw recess, almost ensuring cam out when ou run in to some high torque. A good bit is cut, and looks just like a cube at the end of the driver. I have only been able to find these by mail from McFeely’s, or locally from the Snap On tool truck. Mcfeely’s are somewhat cheaper, and they give you a few free with screew assortments, but the snap on ones are only a phonecall away.(but seven bucks a pop)
    Anyway, I can’t see these being so great.

  7. fritzgorbach says:

    Agreed, though, a well fitting torx is just as good as square, but a lot harder to find the screws

  8. justsomeguy says:

    probably going cam out even worse than a normal phillips bit because if the reduced size.

    If you’re looking for these, keep your eyes open for Vermont-American. They have the same thing and V-A is a part of Bosch. Probably the same bits ata a lower price.


    btw, here’s the direct Bosch link


  9. rob says:

    how about every canadain sparky these are going to be sweet
    I’ll take 10

  10. tooldork says:

    ttabob – Disagree, I’ve been using them for about two weeks and they work very well w/ Phillips and though I don’t use much in the way of Robertson, I did have a chance to drive a few in some scrap and they worked just as well.

    I prefer using this bit over a Phillips bit because I can get better grip when using overhead.

  11. Frank says:

    I don’t really see the (ahem) ‘point’. So you have to buy two types of bits. Is that such a big deal? I am guessing these are the classic jack of all trades, master of none.

  12. ttabob says:

    tooldork……….You disagree that the best bit to use is one made for a specific screw head type?

    This product is a marketing idea to solve the problem of consumers and some professionals being too lazy to realize that a driver bit is a consumable, they wear out like saw blades, and must be changed and used for the right type of screw. Just like saw blades, you don’t use a 24 tooth cordless for finish trim work.

    There is no way you can say that having LESS surface area contact between the bit and inside the screw head is going to work better than a dedicated fit bit.

    Don’t confuse your pozi-drives with phillips either.

    Frank said it best.

  13. PutnamEco says:

    What I like is the Philips Square-Driv ® , where the fastener itself can be driven by both a philips and a square drive and even better, their own dedicated bits.

    Old habits die hard, I’ve become so used to philips screws over the years, that driving anything else feel foreign. I find the extra effort to “find” (line up the drive to the fastener) square or torx to be a time wasting annoyance, that gets old after driving a few hundred screws.


  14. Install says:

    If they work, it would be great. Have not found them anywhere.
    While they might be just as useful for (Quadrex) screws, it would be
    nice to have when you run across something you have to disassemble using
    robertson tip, then switching back to phillips… In the meantime my belt #1,2,3 Phillips #2 Robertson #2(for eurohinges and hardware) Pozidriv,
    #3 (for certain brands of sexbolts) Pozidriv. And one “quadrex” bit, though
    #2 Robertson works just as well, if not better. While it might not be a big
    hassle, trying to remove a screw (above your head, or in a tight space)
    in low light, and discovering it is not phillips (for example) is frustrating.
    “Combo” screws are the cheapies you get with your little home fixture
    package (the shelf unit from local cheap store). They don’t work with any
    tip properly, so throw them out, replace with your screw of choice.

  15. Install says:

    whatever happened to these? I bet they have run into manufacturing problems.

  16. Install says:

    No manufacturing problems, seems retailers are waiting for 4th quarter.
    What, mom is going to put these in dad’s stocking?
    Also, according to Bosch, given choice of working with
    phillips or robertson “better”— phillips.

  17. Irreverentreverend says:

    I have been using, a Bosch bit like this for a few weeks and have been happy with it. I don’t agree with the idea that it’s a case of a dual purpose bit that does neither job well. I have experienced virtually no cam out at all, especially compared to the not quite square bits mentioned by fritzgorbach. Try one out. Seems silly to condemn and/or bitch about a new tool concept without giving a shot first. Particularly when it’s something as inexpensive as this.

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