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For all the sub-rock dwellers clinging to the dark and safe ways of yore, this is an air compressor. It is your friend. Embrace it, love it and bask in its many conveniences. The new 26-gallon Campbell Hausfeld compressor is specifically aimed at the challenges and objections homeowners have to an air-powered rig.

To get the party started, just kick the big red power button at the bottom rear and the hose fills to 115psi; then the tank fills in preparation for continued operation. That’s right — the hose fills first. It might sound a little weird but it’s sort of a slick idea.

The rubber-coated regulator knob is twice as large as previous models and clicks at 5-10 PSI intervals to set the pressure and keep it where you want it. Of course you should always watch the gauge just to be sure, but it’s a nice feedback feature. The pressure gauge also got a boost in size from the normal 1.5” to a very respectable 3” of easy-reading gauge hotness.

CH also removed the need to tip and wheel the rig around with its no-tilt push/pull system. Two front casters and two rear wheels let the unit move around much like R2D2 instead of the normal dolly style, and once the compressor is where you want it there’s an axle brake so no one’s going to have to chase it down.

The pump is oilless so the regular cautionary warning of oiling maintenance and the tales of woe that go along with them will be happily absent from the 26-gallon mobile’s list of possible gripes. And my favorite feature is probably the most trivial as well. The top end of the compressor has an on-board storage area for air tools, or in our case, a cooler of iced-down beer.

For the tech-spec minded, we pulled the reported numbers off the CH compressor mini-site and found that the 26-Gallon rig has a 150 PSI Max and the 1.7 HP compressor will push 3.8 SCFM @ 90 PSI or 5.6 SCFM @ 40 PSI. That’s enough to run the automotive air tools of your choice or something like a finish nailer until the end of time.

Campbell Hausfeld says the new rig will be rolling the new models out to the local Lowes this month and they will have a suggested retail of about $340.

26 Gallon Mobile Compressor [Campbell Hausfeld Compressors]


12 Responses to Preview: Campbell Hausfeld 26-Gallon Compressor

  1. Zathrus says:

    Nice feature list…

    As for “the regular cautionary warning of oiling maintenance and the tales of woe that go along with them will be happily absent” — that’s only to be replaced by the woes of “when the pump dies, toss the entire thing” since there is no way to repair them. And the duty cycles are typically very low for oilless.

    For casual homeowner use oilless is still probably better though.

  2. jeffrey immer says:

    but hey if you win the paslode guns you won’t need the compressor that much right? not so sure about the brand though, i have seen a lot of those compressors broken than functioning, but if casual user i guess it’s cool. however my thought is spend a little bit more for a good product if you can, i am a proud owner of many ryobi 1+ tools and love em’ so there goes that theory right!!!!!

  3. fred says:

    CH seems to make a lot of the pneumatic items sold at Home Depot and Lowes – under house names as well as their own.
    We have had no experience with them – but can attest that Emglo (now Dewalt) compressors seem to hold up well on the jobsite. BTW – oiless might have an advantage in sub-zero weather – but that coiled hose is probably PVC and it doesn’t

  4. Blairb says:

    Ok, the hose goes to 115psi, but the compressor will go to 150, how does it know? And if that hose is pressurized to 115, better hope you need that much, and not have something like a paint gun on there, or could be trouble.

    I can’t speak for the rest, but around my shop the compressor gets used for tools a heck of a lot more than inflation, which seems to be the selling point of the hose pressurizing on the web site, although I have to say even that makes me scratch my head.

  5. Coach James says:

    I have a oil less compressor now and hope to never have another. It is so loud, I wear ear plugs when I use the thing.

  6. KMR says:

    I echo what Coach says… this thing is going to be LOUD! The last thing any wife wants to hear around the house. Oil lubricated pumps and belt driven pumps dampen noise generated by compressors.

  7. kyle says:

    we have two campbell hasfeld compressors. One that i like, one that i dont like. The on that i like is a 60 gallon true 5 hp with a two stage pump. It is pretty old but runs great and works well. The one that i dont like is a newer 1 gallon oiless that would drown out a shotgun blast, in other word this thing is loud. It doesnt get used much for a reason. Plus I dont really like oiless compressors because of the noise factor.

  8. fred says:

    There is quite a bit of difference between what you install in a shop and what you take to the jobsite. In the shop – you can do things. Based on what we have in 2 different shops – we’d buy another Sullair rotary screw compressor. Ours is V-belt driven, enclosed, 20 years old and still quiet. For the worksite this would be totally impractical (how many jobsites have 460V available – and who would truck a stationary machine to a work site. when you need this sort of CFM – you buy (or we rent) a Copco, IR or some other towable. This CH unit is proably aimed at home users – who want to run an ocassional pneumatic tool.

  9. Sam says:

    I had just purchased The DeWalt, 200 PSI compressor (Why? because it’s DeWalt! $400 bucks..OUCH!)…. 200 psi doesn’t mean a thing when your’e using sanders on a 15 Gallon compressor.
    The sales guy said it’ll work fine…. NOPE! This CH Compressor is perfect for my son who is trying to be a Do-it-Yourselfer, plus These new line of Air Products coming out from Campbell Hausfeld are suppose to have much better quality… The company is a under totally new Management and is focusing on USA made parts… so I read in 2 separate magazines!!! Regardless, focusing on USA seems to be a great first step action this new managements attempt to revitalize Campell Hausfelds’ quality

  10. Craig says:

    This thing would get destroyed on a jobsite….Perfect for the corner of the garage.

  11. bob says:

    R2D2 did travel ‘dolly’ style. ‘Tilt and pull’ denotes handtruck style transportation.

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