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Carabiners make everything better, right?  That seems to be the mantra of SnapGate, a company who builds a carabiner into products like tape measures, flashlights, and pens. They sell both plastic promotional products and a few real tools.

One of the real tools is an 6″ aluminum flashlight they claim to be waterproof (non-submersible) and shatterproof. Two AA batteries power the flashlight’s krypton bulb. The other real tools are the tape measures which they manufacture in 16′ and 25′ lengths. Both tapes feature a rubberized coating over an ABS plastic case.

If you’re into snapping things onto your belt loops, the tape measures will cost you either $7 or $9 shipped while the flashlight will set you back $6 plus shipping. Check out SnapGate’s contact information on their website if you’re interested in their promotional products.

SnapGate [Corporate Site]
Flashlight [Campmor]
Tape Measure [Harbor Freight]


5 Responses to Carabiners Make Everything Better

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought Carabiners where good for Adding to stuff so you can hang it from belt loops should you not be wearing a belt, like i do with my hunting knife. I like the carabiner for the knife because if i have it on my person (its a rather large sheath knife mainly for gutting) while at camp and have to run to the store i can remove it and not be walking around in walmart with a 6-inch sheath hanging out saying “hey this dudes got a knife!”

    Carabiners have a purpose, its not pens though.

  2. ega278 says:

    I’ve got one of those Harbor Freight clip on tape measures that I use at work. I’ve seen a whole bunch of guys lose their tape measures, from little one dollar ones to big expensive ones. I’ve had this same tape measure since I started and I haven’t lost it once. I clip it on the hammer loop on my pants and it’s always there for easy access. Very inexpensive, but very effective design.

  3. rg says:

    What? No lasers?

  4. David Bryan says:

    Here’s what you want to do. Wear a little snap link on your belt to clip things onto. Keys, carabiners, whatever. I used to wear my belt loops out hanging things off of them. And if I don’t wear a belt my pants fall down.

  5. Nick the Hick says:

    I got a gerber multitool, a fenix LD20 flashlight, and my smartphone all on my belt in various holders. I feel like I lose 10 pounds wieght when I take it off. I really don’t need anything else on my pants!

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