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For us, one of the most important tools this time of year is the BBQ lighter. It has a great way of kicking off most of the important activities that will be going on this Saturday — fireworks and steaks. Around our home town, you notice two things that mark the 4th of July season: lighters of all shapes and sizes are marked down and available everywhere (even places they aren’t normally for sale), and metal-clad stands spontaneously spring from the ground and start selling legal black-powder products.

With this in mind, we normally head to the local market and pick up a 4-pack of lighters for about $2 and on the way home stop at one of the many stands and start picking up brightly packaged explosives that will “out-boom and sparkle” the neighbors’ stash.

Some things to keep in mind for those who are new to the whole experience: remember that fireworks stands will make increasingly cut-rate deals up to the cutoff time when their licenses expire for the year. Generally, if you go up to the counter and don’t know what you want, telling them “I have ‘X’ amount of cash and I want stuff that shoots” or “I want to make a lot of noise” is a valid response. These folks want to sell them to you and know you’ll be back next year if they don’t steer you wrong.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety site also has a bunch of info on regs and common-sense factors to consider when lighting up fireworks yourself. You might check it out if you plan to light up the sky this weekend.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety [Website]
Street Pricing BBQ Lighter [Google Products]


6 Responses to The One Tool You’ll Need For Saturday

  1. Bill Curnow says:

    Don’t forget the fire extinguisher.

  2. Brett from Utah says:

    We are limited in the Great (but bone dry desert) State of Utah to Class “C” fireworks( hardly worth the effort…)- so the lighters don’t see much use but when I fire up the (lump charcoal) grill or bbq pit , I find that a MAPP gas torch is just the thing for starting a cooking fire quickly…

  3. thomas says:

    The best bbq lighter I’ve found is one made by a company called Aroow. it has a torch like tip. Worked better than a soldering iron while workin’ on some car wiring for me >:)
    tried to find a replacement. All i found was a bernzomatic (I think it was marketed as a charcoal lighter) with the same type of tip.

  4. Coach James says:

    I also find the MAPP gas torch to be just the ticket for lighting the charcoal grill. Not sure about fireworks here. My neighbors buy huge quantities of them so I just sit on my porch and watch theirs.

  5. Nick the Hick says:

    I just moved, and I learned my neighbors do a better job than the nearest City. Nice porch view too. I might have to chip in next year, it was that good.

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