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Discount Paint has the Hyde 09170 Dust Dog Drywall Vacuum Pole Sander for $19.70.

The pole sander is used to manually sand drywall while collecting the dust in a shop vac. The 09170 doesn’t come with the pole, though — the cheapest price we found for the 01975 kit with the pole was $58.85, which is a lot of money for a telescoping pole alone. So supply your own pole and save money!

Hyde 09170 Dust Dog Drywall Pole Sander [DiscountPaint]


7 Responses to Dealmonger: Hyde Dust Dog Pole Sander

  1. Bob The Drywall Guy says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of these. The mesh sanding screens you have to use with them have a tendancy to bite into the compound, especially in the corners. It’s all well and good to have a clean sand, but not so much at the expense of the wall finish. I suppose grits finer then 180 might help this problem, but who really wants to sand drywall compound that fine? I generally work with 120 and 150, anything else is for special circumstances.

    Not to mention dragging the hose and your shop-vac around with you, for what otherwise is a pretty light, and fluid activity.

  2. rick says:

    had one of these to sand spackle on drywall that may have bene painted with lead paint. It was stupidly frustrating. Not a fan at all of it. thumbs down

  3. Blair says:

    I had a similar set up at one time, with a slight difference.

    On the rig I had, a 5 gallon bucket was between the vac, and the pole. Half full of water, the line that ran into the bucket dumped the majority of dust into the water, while the vac provided the suction, and absorbed the rest of the dust.

    It worked really well for smaller jobs, especially in occupied residences, and a long hose helped too.

    I can see however , that on larger jobs, or new construction where a mess is much less of a concern, that a simple pole sander would be preferable.

  4. bob says:


  5. fred says:

    First off – most GC’s hire a drywall crew that does nothing but this. The one’s I use have good technique and pole sanders for touch-up. Not much is left for the painting crew to fix. For fussy (no dust please) customers – my drywall guys revert to a Porter Cable rotating sander – and have amortized the steep price of the tool and pads by charging a premium.


  6. Jeff W says:

    I made something like this out of a piece of wood and my shop vac’s floor attachment before I saw it in my local hardware store. I had to buy it. I think it works very well. not for the finish sanding though. the sponge works for that.

  7. Harry S. says:

    What are the shipping and handling on this item?

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