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You’re probably not going to have a set of break-over torque wrenches in your garage, but that doesn’t mean they’re not handy tools in a production environment where you need to repeatedly torque the exact same fastener or set of fasteners. The name comes from the fact that the wrench breaks over at 90° when the preset torque is applied — supposedly the break-over mechanism minimizes the shock to the fastener.

These interchangeable-head, break-over torque wrenches from Mountz come in torque ranges from 25 ozf.in to 50 lbf.in. and can hold the torque setting to ±6%. The aluminum handles help make the wrenches lightweight, are small enough to be used in confined spaces, and come in six different colors so you can color code specific torque settings.

To adjust the torque, remove the cap and turn the adjustment screw with a 3/16” hex key. After you set the torque, you must verify it with a torque analyzer. So you can be sure that the preset torque is repeatable from head to head, Mountz manufactures the interchangeable heads with a common center line.

If you’re interested one of Mountz’s interchangeable-head, break-over torque wrenches, you’re going to pay at least $90 for a handle and another $50 to $70 for each head.

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3 Responses to Break-Over Torque Wrenches

  1. John Laur says:

    Can you vouch for their calibration? When it comes to torque wrenches, we require nothing less than dead-on-balls accuracy.

  2. Ted says:


    I have access to the Mountz line, nice products, aimed primarily at the high-end production and assembly market. Quality stuff, nicely made.

    The breakover wrenches have good repeatability with users of varying skill, that is, they’ll give you the rated 6% accuracy even with a ham-fisted or inexperienced operator who will overtorque 99 time out of 100 with a click wrench.

    One thing to keep in mind with these you’ll want/need a calibration unit (either a torque analyzer or PDA/transducer combo — you can use these to test and certify the rest of your wrenches as well) as these are a single setting preset torque wrench, they are not “user” settable (a plus from a QC standpoint) without additional tools and training.

    Cheers, Ted

  3. Carrie says:

    CDI also carries a nice line of torque wrenches. This company sells them at a great rate. Check on this link to view the products they carry.


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