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This is the last chance to enter the Paslode giveaway, so don’t forget to enter if you already haven’t — and remember that you can add to your chances by entering a comment on this or any of the other Paslode giveaway posts again.

Paslode was kind enough to offer up a set of cordless tools for us to give away to one of our loyal readers. Next month we’ll select a winner from all of you who post valid comments on any of the Paslode giveaway posts (like this one).

Sure, you already post your thoughts here — and you deserve a hearty “thank you” from me and the rest of the Toolmonger community — but now when you post a comment, you’re not only sharing your experience with other Toolmongers around the world; you’re also adding a chance to win!  That’s good all ’round, yeah?

Paslode Cordless Giveaway Rules [Toolmonger]


44 Responses to Last Chance To Win A Set Of Paslode Cordless Tools

  1. russ says:

    If I win I wonder if my wife will let me nail her to the wall and take a picture? In reality, it is probably more likely she will come up with ideas to keep me busy using them, something she has years of experience with.

  2. Zathrus says:

    Looking more likely that I’ll be building the fence myself rather than outsourcing it, so I could definitely use them…

  3. Eli says:

    If I had these, I would be under the gun to start the kitchen remodel for my wife… Right after I remove the popcorn ceilings, re-landscape the back yard, straighten up the pictures I hung crooked, organize the garage and fix the bathroom fan.

    Seriously though, I would probably bump up the remodel as an excuse to use some cool tools like these Paslode’s

  4. joelfinkle says:

    Sweet tools, got this nice Transformers vibe about them.

  5. Galadriel says:

    Suddenly I’ve got a project where I *really* wish I had an air nailer: trying to finish the ceiling of an insulated room, and my cardiac issue will not, WILL NOT let me put my arms above my head for more than a few moments. >>frustration<<

    So here’s another entry from me, hoping I might win. Maybe hubby will let me finally buy an air compressor if I don’t…hmmm, which would be better?

    I wonder how difficult the learning curve is on these tools.

  6. Dan says:

    I love the Paslode finish nailer that I got to use for a few Make! type projects. Very, VERY handy! I’d absolutely love a set of them for my tool kit.

  7. Scott says:

    If I had these I wouldn’t have to lug my air compressor all over town to job sites. I also wouldn’t be stuck leaving my compressor at a job site just to realize I needed it at home for a project later. Oh Paslode, how I admire thee.

  8. Pepster says:

    I’d love to surprise my wife by having these show up at our door.

    I imagine I’d get a nice phone call at work.

  9. Jim German says:

    Can’t wait to not have to lug my compressor all over the place.

  10. Frank Hicinbothem says:

    Question for you Paslode users/fans: are the fuel cells recyclable? If not, what’s the “approved” disposal method for getting rid of the dead ones? As I understand it, they’re flammable, which means you can’t just chuck them in the trash, at least where I live, anyway.

    One thing to be said for the “old school” compressors; they’re about as “green” as a power tool can be! And yeah, it matters; I live and work in southern California, and you’d be surprised at the number of contracts I get that have riders that require some level of recycling and the use of certified sustainable products.

  11. Josh says:

    And how long can you expect the canisters to last in the tool, sitting idle? A lot of us DIYers would go for months inbetween using a tool and I’d hate to see waste. Anyone have an idea?

  12. Xenocide says:

    As mentioned; it would be awesome to not have to lug an air compressor all over the place as well as not having to deal with the noise etc.

  13. Joel Spangler says:

    quote from josh “how long can you expect the canisters to last in the tool” – very interested in this answer too… i did find the following statement “The QuickLode™ Fuel System delivers 1,200 nail drives and a shelf life of 18 months” – but shelf life probably doesn’t include starting to use 1/2 of the canister and trying to use it again 3 months later.

    I was also curios on pricing of the quicklode canisters (which could possibly nullify this concern) – I couldn’t find any just by themselves, but with 1000 nails looks to be about 30 bucks.

  14. Tom S says:

    The other high school parents and I will be starting to make props for the marching band soon. These will come in real handy.

  15. Chuck Holcomb says:

    this would just make my YEAR to win these.

  16. Kevin says:

    these are awesome, would love to have them.

  17. Pepster says:

    An 18 month shelf life, that’s not to bad – Ill just have to make sure not to horde my nail packs, and only buy enoough for the job at hand.

  18. Epee boy says:

    I would totally love to own one of these; It would make my fencing work so much easier.

    Seriously, It would be a thrill. Moreso, I can’t wait to start on the next few projects with this in mind.

    And a firm salute to those of you who caught my pun.

  19. BG says:

    I love the site and learn a great deal from it. Good luck to us all.

  20. Will says:

    I would love to own the cordless nailers. I do not think the shelf life of the canisters would be a big deal. the abiity to take them anywhere without a compressor still makes the nailers a want for me. Either way I will continue saving money for them.

  21. Brandon says:

    These would be incredible for a number of finishing projects for my house. I’m just imagining how easy it would be to crown molding and built-ins.

  22. fred says:

    Here is what’s written on the MSDS for the fuel cells:

    RCRA STATUS: If discarded in its purchased form, this product may be classified as a
    D001 (ignitable) hazardous waste. Even after use, the fuel cell remains pressurized by
    an extremely flammable propellant and may retain these hazardous waste characteristics. Waste generators must consider federal, state and local hazardous waste regulations to determine a proper disposal method based on their status as a conditionally exempt, small quantity or large quantity generator.
    CANADIAN STATUS: All components listed on Domestic Substances Inventory (DSL).
    EUROPEAN UNION: All components listed on European Inventory of Existing
    Chemical Substances (EIECS):
    Component EIECS No.
    butylene 246-689-3
    propane 200-827-9
    propylene 204-062-1
    STATE REGULATORY INFORMATION: No component of fuel gas or propellant is
    included on California Proposition 65 lists as a carcinogen or reproductive toxin.

  23. eosha says:

    y’know, I’d buy them, but the black and orange color scheme just clashes terribly with the greens and blues of my Hitachis and Makitas…

    Of course, if they were free, then I could afford to get them repainted.

    (yes, I’m joking)

  24. Dazrin says:

    Our church has a bunch of trim we need to put up – at 20′ above the ground. I would love to have these to use on that rather than anything with a hose.

  25. Joe says:

    Man, winning the Paslode tools would let me finally dump my Harbor Freight guns. Besides, everyone can use extra “hammers” anyways! 😉

  26. Shaun says:

    My Dad has an older copy of the framing nailer. It is awesome. It just keeps nailing and nailing and nailing. I’m getting ready to build a house and one of these would come in real handy.

  27. Jim C. says:

    I remember the first time I saw one of the Paslode tools – I kept looking for the hose! Carrying spare fuel cells would certainly be easier than a compressor or batteries for the cordless variety.

  28. Petey says:

    I wonder if I can find a holster for these nail guns.

    Thanks toolmonger for the opportunity!

  29. Willy G. says:

    If I win, i will do the best Chris Grundy imitation ever !

  30. Epeee Boy says:

    Shaun, what kind of house?

    If it’s larger than one room, I imagine a framing nailer would be a fraction of the budget, and well worth the saved time and hassle.

    Or are you of the same mind I am – “I’ve got something that works, and I’m not replacing it until it’s dead”

  31. Rich says:

    These would definately free up some space in my truck as I wouldn’t have to haul around a compressor and hoses for a lot of jobs.

  32. kdp says:

    I’m running out of comment ideas, but still want to win this.

    Paslode always makes me think of ‘pasplode’ – the word my grade school chum used instead of explode.

    I guess they DO explode in a tiny, controlled sense.

  33. shopmonger says:

    HAA HAAA I want a high impact driver form paslode, but other wise i just want any paslode stuff…….Never got a real chance to use thier gear.

  34. Jerrick says:

    Pretty please!

  35. Izrun says:

    Man, I could really use these. I swear my pitiful harbour freight air compressor is on it’s last legs. I was using it to run my friend’s borrowed framing nailer. It would give me three nails between recharges. Yikes.

  36. Izrun says:

    Has anyone else noticed that once they got their first nailer suddenly everything looked like it could be fixed with a nail. I was nailing together frames, using it for clamping, heck, pretty much any project that I don’t care how it looks has at least 20 nails in it. I used to like using it just so I could hear that pler-chunk sound. Made me feel like a real handyman.

  37. Wayne D. says:

    Can I have one? I have a project coming up that needs lots of trim being placed.

  38. KaiserM715 says:

    Non-outsourced fence rebuild FTW!!

  39. Pepster says:

    Izrun, you are so right. I think my first project with a good nailer will end up being more nail than wood.

    “Ker-CHUNK!” ahhh… something viscerally satisfying about firing off power tools.

  40. Beans says:

    Izrun, I felt the same way when I got my first impact wrench. Suddenly all fasteners looked like they really needed the 600 ft/lbs of nut busting torque!

    I’d love to have the same problem with these tools. I’m sure I could find plenty of stuff to nail, starting with some trim work I’ve been meaning to fix.

  41. Bruce says:

    I purcashed a 16 gauge angled finish nailer and a 30 degree framing nailer from Home Depot Center because of thier easy return policy. No returns on these babies. Totally awesome. Unlike many of the other once top quality tools on the market which are now being built abroad, Passlode. are built in the USA .Therefore top quality and needless to say, keeping Americans employed during our unfortunate recession. Passlode is the Harley Davidsons of the tool industry…

    My first experience with my framing nailer was a blast. I unloaded all the firewood from a friends wood rack and restacked them. Only to blister a 3″ ring shank nail into each one until completely restacked and nailed together. Needless to say,, he was not very happy when he went to burn some wood. I have had the battery in the gun since May and have shot around 1,500 nails to date without recharging. At first I was skeptical of toe-nailing performance. No problem… All my friends ask to borrow it, even if all they need to do is drive a few nails…

    I just finished trimming a 2,000 sq ft home with finish nailer .. It was flawless, light weight and comfortable grip. Both these guns have the no-fire safety feature. Unlike many other brands, when you fail to note the easy to read scale for loaded fasteners, the guns will not dry fire and put holes in the wood…The cases are rugged and will take a beating. They have nice storage slots where the battery and fuel cells snap into and secure firmly. Best of all, no compressor or hoses needed… Novice uses should note: use proper fasteners for the appropiate nailer. angled nailer does fire straiht fasteners…
    My sons plan on building luxury hunting stands this year with them..Hmmm
    Next project is helping my sister complete new construction on her home. Without doubt… my Passlode nailers will be toting most of the load… what more can I say… I love my Passlode nailers….Good luck to all and may God nless each and every one of you…..

  42. BriKei says:

    Just when my wife thought I was done building add-ons… these toys will really get me jumpstarted again.

  43. casey says:

    i dont want them to finish hanging doors in our basement so please dont choose me.

  44. allen bradshaw says:

    I’m always having cords in my way or others unplug my air compressor

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