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FastCap’s Joist Clip holds joist hangers in place, leaving your hands free to secure the hanger and out of the way of the hammer or nail gun. Even if you don’t have the joists in place yet, you can use the clip with a stub piece to help correctly align the hangers on the header.

Designed to work with hangers for standard 2x dimensional lumber, the Joist Clip slides over the joist hanger and squeezes against the joist, keeping the hanger in place.

FastCap claims there’ll soon be other sizes available for larger joist hangers, but for now you can purchase this set of two joist clips for $10 from Amazon.

Joist Clip [FastCap]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Joist Clip Frees Your Hands To Secure Hangers

  1. Robert Blackmon says:

    You can just bend the hanger so it clamps itself to the board for free…

  2. bob says:

    Or just hammer in the dohickey

  3. eric says:

    Interesting product idea…. completely useless… i always bend the hanger AND hit the “dohickeys” 🙂

  4. Will says:

    I’m the inventor of the JoistClip and I’m guessing that none of the three respondents has used the JoistClip. I have received good feedback from those that have used it. You can read a review by Mike Guertin in Professional Deck Builder at http://www.deckmagazine.com/pdf/2008/0811/0811tool.pdf .I would like to send some JoistClips to the three of you and and have you respond again after you have used them. You can send me your address at willsurf@myfairpoint.net.
    Yes, you can bend the hanger, but if you don’t bend the corners equally the bottom of the hanger will not be flush with the bottom of the joist. Some people do not mind this but I do. Besides, slipping on a Joist Clip actually takes less time than bending the hanger. And yes, hitting the dohickeys works well sometimes, but sometimes they pop out or won’t go in because there is a knot there or they push the hanger down slightly so the bottom of the hanger is not contacting the bottom of the joist. The bottom line is that using the JoistClip is quicker, easier and results in a better job.

  5. Will says:

    Robert, Bob and Eric don’t seem to be responding. I will send free samples to the first twenty people to respond if you agree to write a review. Use my new email address: willsurf8@gmail.com . Send me your address and I will send samples.

  6. EI4115 says:

    I received these from Will and have used them. I think that they are useful, like having a third hand. I don’t bend the hangers and the “dohickeys” don’t ever seem to hold the bracket for long enough to nail the hanger. I think $10 for two clips is reasonable, they aren’t going to nail the hangers for you but they can help you do it.

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