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Hermans Central has the Stanley 42-287 Aluminum line level for $1.00.

It mounts on a line stretched between two points to determine level. It slides back and forth to each end. It has a flat base for stand alone use — just a dead simple tool for next to nothing.

Stanley 42-287 Aluminum Line Level [hermanscentral.com]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: Stanley Line Level

  1. Joel Spangler says:

    I went to the site to see what shipping would cost… $12.95 for me… I won’t be buying one. Might be a good deal if you’re buying something else from the site, but not so much otherwise.

    I guess you could buy 200 of them to get the free shipping option.

    I bought a super cheap line level from harbor freight… its junk as if you turn it around you get a different measurment (ie – no longer level) – I’m assuming something with Stanley stamped on it wouldn’t have the same problem.

  2. Jim German says:

    Yeah, F that, come on guys, check the shipping cost.

  3. Cameron Watt says:

    I inherited one and never use it. I would worry that even a small amount of catenary on the line would introduce a significant error.

    If I ever dig it up, maybe I’ll string some line between a couple trees out back and see….

  4. fred says:

    You still ses some mason’s using these outdoors – but laser levele have mostly replaced these for aanywhere a laser line is bright enough to be seen.

  5. bob says:

    Check a level at the store before buying by holding it against another. Given 2 levels, if both are correctly adjusted, will read level at the same time. So, find 2 that ‘match’ and, then, pick one. Laser’s scare me.

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