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DeWalt has recalled about 9,000 framing nailers because “the bump action trigger…could have been incorrectly asssembled during production, which would allow the nailer to eject a fastener unexpendedly or cause the trigger lock-off not to function” says the Consumer Product Saftey Commission. The affected nailers are models D51825 and D51850, pictured above.

Thankfully the CSPC has seen no injury reports so far, but if you own one of the nailers they ask that you immediately stop using it and contact DeWalt at 877-437-7181 (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.) for instructions on receiving a free replacement bump action trigger.

DeWalt Recalls Framing Nailers Due To Serious Injury Hazard [CSPC]


3 Responses to Recall: DeWalt Framing Nailers

  1. kdp says:

    I want one!

    …oh wait. This isn’t the Paslode giveaway. Never mind.

  2. Nick da Hick says:

    kdp, that was truly funny. I started reading this blog because of the paslode giveaway, and I am enjoying it. Maybe this could be the dewalt give-back posting?

  3. Mike says:

    Not sure if I want to DeWalt anymore. Ever since B&D bought them out (and now Danaher) their quality has been horrible. My shop has returned more tools this past year due to manufactuer defects. Although they stand by their warranty, its a hassle sending it in each time.

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