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To borrow a phrase from Dirty Harry, “Do I feel lucky?” While a caulk gun can’t do as much damage as a .44 Magnum, you might think so after hearing a homeowner scream as you leave gobs of caulk on the new carpet. With the FastCap Caulked N’ Ready holster you’ll always have your caulk gun at the ready and won’t depend on luck to contain the mess.

Made in the USA from high-impact plastic, the Caulked N’ Ready measures 17″ long and has an inside diameter of 2-3/8″. When you slide the caulk gun into the holster a spike enters the tube tip, plugging it closed. A reservoir around the spike holds the excess caulk that inevitably seeps out of the tip, keeping it off hard-to-clean surfaces.

Cutouts in the top of the holster capture the caulk gun trigger so the gun won’t spin around, and a 6″ adjustable wire clip allows you to hang the holder from your pants, belt, five-gallon bucket, workbench, ladder, or wherever else you decide to dangle it.

Right now the only place we can find the Caulked N’ Ready holster online is McFeely’s for $12.

Caulked N’ Ready [FastCap]
Caulked N’ Ready [McFeely’s]


5 Responses to Make Less Mess With FastCap’s Caulk Gun Holster

  1. PutnamEco says:

    That and a Prazi quickdraw and you’ll be the most entertaining guy on the jobsite. 😛


  2. bidwell says:

    Where was this when I was patching the roof with a tube of tar? I could have saved a pair of shorts.

  3. Michael W says:

    It actually looks useful.

  4. blore40@hotmail.com says:

    Looks like this can be re-purposed as a golf umbrella holder.

  5. Blair says:

    I would question whether you would actually be able to “hit” the pin in the end with the tip every time, and the mess left in the holder, who’s going to clean that up?
    As far as using it for tar based roof patch, then you really have a mess, and it wouldn’t be worth much for caulk after I wouldn’t think.

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