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Sword Demon is an interesting place to browse around. They have a wide array of tactical knives and folders but they also deal in blades that are a little less practical. From movie replica blades to Barbarian battle maces, Sword Demon can get you what you’re looking for.

The fantasy blades are just for show, of course. It’s strictly a high-end street market or carnival type of affair, but that can be fun too. Most of the blades you’ll find here are more for fun than anything else, but the less-exotic offerings like the M-Tech Folding Knife Pakkawood for $7 or the Sword Demon brand 2 Piece hunting knife set for $20 can be good practical purchases.

Into the whole holiday knife-buying spirit? Here’s a Fourth of July 7” folder for $7. If you watch the “Knife Show” on cable it’s very similar, just in website form.

Sword Demon [Website]
Stiletto American Flag Folding Knife [Sword Demon]


5 Responses to Knife Source: Sword Demon

  1. FredB says:

    Hey! A patriotic switchblade! I’ll bet Homeland Security would approve. I might even be able to take that on a plane, ya think?

  2. CyberKender says:

    And, like the knife show on cable, they sell cheap quality stuff. Kind of like buying your power tool at Harbor Freight, don’t expect a lot. Some of the stuff they’re selling looks nice, it’s all pretty inexpensive, and I’m sure will work just fine as a basic pocket knife, but everything I looked at was 440 stainless steel. A common steel for knives, but not a really good one. M-tech seems to be a name designed to be confused with Microtech, who makes some really excellent knives, and a large portion of their selection are copies of other makers designs.

    If you’re the kind of guy who looses your pocket knife a lot, or abuses it by using it as a hammer or prybar, and just want something cheap, so you won’t really care when it breaks/goes missing, go for it. Personally, I’m willing to pay for higher quality. (See the Benchmade mini-Griptillian in my pocket.) If you’re more like me, then I’d check out Knife Center. They carry some of the same sort of stuff, but they also carry several quality brands at good prices.

  3. CJD says:

    Cheap knives are just like cheap tools. They may come in handy (or not) in a pinch, just don’t expect any longevity out of them. I had a cheap-o Sheffield multi tool break apart in my hand when i cut some tie wire. I carry a Leatherman TTI and a Spyderco Captain.

  4. Jim K. says:

    Personally this is an area that I justify spending a bit more money. For such a basic tool as a knife, something that I’m going to use all the time, there’s nothing as annoying as having it fall apart in your hands. Sometimes there’s deals to be found if you’re patient. Last week I picked up a new old stock full sized KA-BAR for $10 at a garage sale. The guy had bought it years ago and never took it out of the box. Score!

  5. Greg A. says:

    I know this is an old post but since this website directed me to it I figured that I would put a small review up here. I know that the knives I was getting were going to be cheap. With that being said I ordered anyway, you get what you pay for and all that, I had no surprises about what I got other than one was much much sharper than I expected ( a good thing in my opinion). Well one of the items was not as described, not at all, so I e-mailed them not to ask for a refund (they have a restocking fee that is more than the knife itself) but to ask that they change the description for other customers so that they do not get something they didn’t want and stuck with a even more useless knife, like I was. No reply, no nothing, I even checked to see if they at the very least changed the item description, not a word.

    A cheap tool is one thing but at least the people at harbor freight try to help. These people are more than willing to falsely advertise on their site. My order came with a 15% coupon and their were other things on the site I had considered and was thinking about using this for, but I can honestly say that I will never direct anyone to this site, and will warn as many people not only is it cheap tools, but cheap customer service also.

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