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Mechanized square dancing: when I picture it in my head there’s the kind of image that I can’t scrub out later. So that we’re all running on the same level here, check out the video of just such an event.

Let’s be clear — I’m not judging my Southern brethren. It took a long time to learn the “steps” of the tractor dance. In fact, the whole two-minute dance was very well timed and everyone watching seemed to enjoy it. However, I think it might fall in the “don’t tell anyone you go to tractor square dancing parties” category.

Best Ever,Tractor Square Dance [YouTube]


5 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Tractor Square Dance

  1. Kyle says:

    I think you are stretching the “It’s just cool” tag a bit here.

  2. Nick da Hick says:

    Nah, it is cool. They had to restore them, then practice with them, and NOT break them.

    It’s and extension of http://www.farmshow.com/ or to a certain extent http://www.ruralheritage.com/

    The “I built it myself” part of farm show is usually worth several laughs every issue. The “Best and worst buys is usually a good read, although not as rigorously tested as Consumer Reports 🙂

  3. ttabob says:

    Yea, Actually not cool at all.

    Currently reassessing weather toolmonger should be in the “what’s cool’ commentary business. More tools please.

  4. JL from Storm Lake says:

    This is a group from Nemaha, IA. We used to actually farm with one of the main guys from this video. It was quite an undertaking to restore all the tractors, practice without bending them up too bad, travel to different sites across the country, all while you were farming full-time.

    You gotta give him an A for thinking up a funny idea and following through with it!

  5. DennisB says:

    I guess it’s safe to admit I won first place in tractor driving in 9th grade now. And yes I did graduate high school!

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