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The down low for GM is that the biggest of the big three will be cutting down to four brands — Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC — and cutting or selling the rest as well as ending some of the current rides in the GM stable for those four brands as well. Being the tool guys we are, our question is: what about the trucks?

We took a quick look and the site lists the Avalanche, Colorado, Equinox, Express, HHR/Panel/SS, Silverado 1500/HD/Hybrid, Suburban, Tahoe, Tahoe Hybrid and Traverse as all being available for the 2010 year lineup, and that’s just the Chevy brand. The GMC branding is almost if not more plentiful than that with the Acadia, Canyon, Savana, Sierra 1500/Denali, Sierra HD, Sierra Hybrid, Terrain and almost all models of the Yukon.

After seeing that, our next question is: how many will stick around after the next year is up? Most of these models were most likely in production already and were going to be around for sale anyway. When the lines stop for the 2010 year we are most curious to learn how many of that very long list will see a 2011 model year, and how many models will just phase into GM history.

We suppose only time will tell, but at any rate it’s fun to look at the online 2010 GM Product Guide and see what’s going on for the upcoming year.

2010 GM Product Guide [GM]


12 Responses to GM Truck Listing for 2010

  1. lkjasdf says:

    GM is now a conduit for some politicians to spend billions of dollars of my money buying a few million dollars worth of votes from the UAW. Now, I’m more than happy to send government checks to single mothers with young kids, but that’s not what the UAW’s membership looks like, is it?

    What about *employed* single mothers with kids? We’re taxing them. We’re taking their money so we can pay off the hairy-chested welfare queens of the UAW. We’re taxing people who make $30k and giving the money to UAW members making $60k.

    I don’t give a damn what cars GM makes. They’re parasites.

  2. Eric says:

    Still no small, fuel efficient pickup? Guess I’ll stick with my ’94 Toyota. Thanks for playing, GM.

  3. jeffrey immer says:

    gm and the rest of car companies for that need to get real and start making affordable cars that people want to buy. if they went under someone would have stepped up and taken their market share and hired their employees, it’s corporate wellfare at it’s best

  4. Chevy_Man says:

    The UAW will also be getting a medical benefits tax exemption too.
    Can individuals form their own unions? Legally, can a union just have one member?

  5. Nik says:

    Chevy_Man, it is possible to have a one-man union as long as it pays enough bribes to the right politicians. But that is much easier if the union has thousands of members who are paying dues.

  6. Barri says:

    GM need to take a close look at Ford and do as they do. They are wasteing so much money it’s unreal and the quality of their line up is so low. why would anyone pay the prices they are asking when they can get a better model for cheaper from another brand. I looked at new trucks for over 6 months and decided on a 2009 f150 last december. I looked at the GM’s and Dodge’s and was not at all impressed with what they offered for the money.

  7. Coach James says:

    Does anyone still offer a simple, reliable, no frills work truck? I still drive my ’90 Dakota because it’s nice and simple. I don’t want an interior that looks like a Cadillac or Ferrari nor do I want every electronic do dad. Give me a regular cab, no power windows or door locks and just a basic radio and maybe cd player. Does such a truck still exist?

  8. Coach James says:

    As to GM, I wish the UAW would take majority ownership in the company and run themselves and let’s see how they do. Could the UAW go on strike against themselves? The Pres and dems in congress wil determine what GM sells in the future since they now own the company.

  9. @Coach James:

    I agree with you about work trucks. I hate all the accessories that break over time and cost a lot of money to fix. Keep It Simple Stupid. Especially if you plan to own the truck until it dies.

    When I bought my last truck in 2001, I happened upon a Dodge dealer that actually had no frills “work trucks.” For what it’s worth, if you can trust a salesman, he said they they only got a certain number each year and they all usually went within a week.

    I guess you have to look at it from the dealerships and the manufacturers point of view. They don’t want to sell you a work truck, they want to sell you a fully loaded truck. They gouge you on accessories. I mean who pays $300 for a CD player in a truck when you can get something that’s 10X the quality for $100. That’s if you can get the CD player by itself. You usually can’t get the one accessory you want because they only bundle it with a bunch of other useless accessories in a “package.”

    I kept hearing from the sleasmen (intentionally misspelled) that if I bought a work truck it wouldn’t have the same resale value as a fully loaded truck — no shit Sherlock, because I didn’t pay the exorbitant price in the first place I wouldn’t need to make as much money on the sale. They even kept telling me this after I told them I planned on owning it till it died. Show how much they actually listen.

  10. rjerryc says:

    Just more of GM (Government Motors). Bail ’em out with my tax dollars and they feed more money to the executives and continue in business making inferior products. They should have died like any other business that fails. My favorite auto repair place is barely surviving and they do fantastic work. Nobody is offering to bail them out and I fear they will go away in the next few months. The owner already sold his house, his newer car and his Goldwing to strive to stay open. Sad, sad, sad. No money for him. Our leader gave it all to the people who killed their own corporations.

  11. lol @ rjerryc – I agree with you… If you fail then you deserved to fail. Don’t take money outta my pocket so you can cover up your failure

  12. Nick da Hick says:

    I miss my basic 1991 C1500wt, 4.3 liter V6, Manual gertag transmission, fiberglass driveshaft and all.

    249000 miles when I retired it because that gertag died. I loved that truck. Didn’t even come with a bumper. The only “extra” was A/C.

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