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Whenever you work with drywall, dust gets everywhere — ceiling, walls, and floor — and getting it off all those surfaces is a chore.  That’s where Wooster’s Drywall Dust Eater comes in.  It’s a triangular tool that looks like a mop but uses a specially-treated material that attracts and holds dust without water.

The 16″ Dust Eater head attaches to threaded extension poles with a 360° double-action pivot that keeps the head flat against whatever surface you use it on.  The triangular shape lets you clean large areas quickly and reaches all the way into corners.

You can pick one up for about $25.

Drywall Dust Eater [Wooster]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Eat its Dust: Drywall Dust Eater

  1. fred says:

    This sort of “dry mop” does work better than vacuuming alone.
    For floors we like Zep sweeping compound – available in big bags at Home Depot.
    A little of the compound goes a long way – and you can re-bag it in a separate bag for multiple uses – until it gets too loaded to be effective

  2. Justin C says:

    Thx for the tip Fred!

  3. bob says:

    I stopped sanding drywall in 2001, now I use a sponge. It works well with modern joint/finishing compounds. Of course, when applying joint compound, I knife it almost smooth enough to paint (usually 3 thin applications; the first with tape).

  4. Joe C. says:

    The “low-dust” drywall compounds now available do work, and are invaluable for remodeling/renovation. I’ve sanded ceiling/wall joints with a dark blue sheet used as a drop cover only four feet away and the sheet was clean. The dust falls straight to the floor.

    For once, it was nice to see something touted as new and amazing perform as advertised.

    The sponge method mentioned by bob is awesome (as shown to me), but I haven’t been able to master it yet.

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