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You know that weird sensation in Back to the Future II when Marty sees himself thirty years in the future? That’s kind of what other people talking about Toolmonger feels like to me. We spend so much time trying to put out content and tell folks about what we do, it freaked me out a little to see the site show up on ChannelFlip.

Check out the video if you’re into it. We thought it came out pretty well — it does help that they gave us four stars, so that seemed like a good thing. (Of course if that’s out of 100 or something, that’s not so good, though it could be fun too.) Either way, they seemed friendly and good-natured. Plus, they had tools in the background, so as far as we’re concerned they’re cool with us.

Toolmonger Review [ChannelFlip]


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  1. Iyaz says:

    It’s 4/5 stars so that’s pretty darn good. Glad you liked the show.

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